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Wall Street Journal: What To Watch From Nintendo Earnings

We will find out how Nintendo has performed during its third-quarter earnings conference which will take place tomorrow once the stock markets have closed. The Kyoto based company is expected to announce an impressive Y33.2 billion ($273.8 million) in profit for the October to December period and Y252.6 billion in revenue. The Wall Street Journal has put together a list of what you could expect to see announced during the event.

  • SLUGGISH SALES: Sales of its 3DS handheld device and software likely slowed further, analysts say, adding it will be difficult for Nintendo to achieve its guidance of Y50 billion in operating profit this fiscal year. The company’s share price is now around Y17,000 apiece, but analysts say the shares are likely to slip, although Nintendo won’t lower its guidance.
  • MIITOMO: Nintendo and its partner DeNA Co.2432.TO +3.19% plan to launch their first smartphone game Miitomo in March, and Nintendo chief Tatsumi Kimishima is likely to provide more details at an earnings conference. DeNA will report its earnings on Friday.
  • AMIIBO: Analysts partially blame Nintendo’s soft sales on supply shortages for Amiibo – chip-equipped figurines that communicate with its games – especially in the U.S. Investors will seek more details on production plans for Amiibo, including if the company plans to release new figurines, cards and stuffed dolls.
  • NX: Anything new about its coming videogame system code-named NX is unlikely at the earnings conference because Nintendo would want to focus on Miitomo first. Nintendo has declined to say when it will kick off its promotional campaign, but analysts expect more details in June and a product launch toward the year-end shopping season.
  • DIRECT: Mr. Kimishima said last year the company would overhaul Nintendo Direct, its online video site that delivers company news and product announcements directly to its fans. He may provide updates on this as well.
  • SURPRISE: Nintendo has a history of making surprise announcements at its earnings calls. It isn’t rare for Nintendo to announce new initiatives at an earnings call as it did for the partnership with theme-park operator Universal Parks & Resorts, a unit of ComcastCorp.’sCMCSA +2.96% NBCUniversal.



  1. I think the headline is a bit misleading…

    Anyway, altough this is of pivotal importance, I’m hungry for news on “real”, core Nintendo games. I could not care less about miitomo, a pseudo-game which allows its users to interact with other users across the globe. Oh, the irony: a messenger from a company which is afraid of online and of having people chating with each other.

  2. They needed to do a Nintendo Direct to announce FE Fates New 3DS XL, limited edition of Bravely Second, new amiibos (Roy and Ryu), updates on Twilight Princess and Star Fox, announcing the date of release of Bayonetta and Corin for Smash bros and such… we got this info randomly.

    I miss Iwata :'(

  3. There’s a major lack of support going for Wii U and apparently NX at the moment. I can’t remember where the article came from (want to say Polygon) but basically it doesn’t sound like to many people are interested in working for the new console or Wii U. Just interesting because it’s not a good sign, at this point in time Nintendo couldn’t handle having no third party support. Time to make some moves Nintendo, NX is probably going to need it.

  4. I’m more interested in the sales of the Wii U. Is it finally gonna be over 15 million worldwide or is it going to be under 15m? I’d love it if it was over 17m but I expect around 13-14 million at best. :/

  5. i don’t know how much money are they gonna make off for the NX but i’m hoping the NX will be in good used.

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