Video: A Fan Has Recreated Duck Hunt In Virtual Reality

Joseph Delgado has recreated the Nintendo classic Duck Hunt game and introduced it to the world of Virtual Reality. Delgado was inspired to recreate the game after attending Global Game Jam 2016 last month. Delgado is studying computer science at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Delgado built the game in a single day before uploading video of his progress onto his YouTube channel. The video includes footage of the new Hub Level he created before showing off the main game, which was built as a seven-day challenge. The difficulty of the game increases with each day. The “Game C” mini-game is also included, where the player can practice by shooting at clay figures in the distance.

Delgado plans to release the game for free to the HTC Vive VR platform when the device releases in April. The intent is that, hopefully, Nintendo won’t take any drastic measures to ban it.



  1. Should’ve just renamed the game something else, changed the characters and blaster and he would’ve been fine.

    This though, I don’t see it coming out.

  2. -||Another Nintendite that went retarded instead of creating its own game||-

  3. it looks amazing. if you leave the video window small screen and you put a piece of paper between your eyes and the screen you will see it in 3d.

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