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New Nintendo Selects Games Announced For Wii U, Wii And Nintendo 3DS


Canadian video game retailer Video Game Plus has revealed that there’s some new budget priced Nintendo Selects titles set to be available from March 11th. They will retail for $29.99 and as you can see from the image there’s some fantastic games including Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze from Retro Studios and Pikmin 3. Pre-orders for the new batch of Nintendo Selects titles are available right now.



  1. Oh my god. It’s already gotten to the point where these games are old enough for Nintendo Selects. Also, why the hell are Yoshi’s New Island and Mario Party Island Tour on there? They’re definitely not as good as some of the other 3DS games out there.

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    1. ~*I hope you go in expecting Pikmin 1 and not Pikmin 2. Otherwise, be ready to be disappointed.*~


    1. That’s what I thought! Why the hell does Yoshi’s New Island get a spot before Awakning!?

      Honestly, it’s probably because Awakening is still selling well, while Mario Party and Yoshi’s New Island are already brushed aside and don’t have any attention directed at them lol


  2. Oh hey. Do I spot OoT? That’s some good news for many people. I heard the title went out of print in NA a while ago (not sure if that’s still accurate information), but this might mean some people can finally get the game at a decent price.

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      1. My only complaint with 3D World is that it’s too easy for the most part. I really don’t mind a multiplayer oriented game, but at least add more challenge. About DKC: TF, you can say that again. I would actually be really happy if a new DKC game gets announced at E3. I enjoyed every minute of this challenging game. I didn’t play this game in a long time, but heck, I still didn’t find every single puzzle piece, and that’s how I like it. Sadly, I don’t picture another DKC announcement this E3.

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      2. Just started DKC:TF, so far very fun. My only com right out the gate is no switching character’s on the fly? I question because I would hope that changes…. 🐙:/


      3. That would be cheap. Each character behaves differently, and it’s only fair to face the challenges with the different characters peeawnted to you.


      4. My mistake, I meant to say presented. I’m not saying the actual characters are cheap, I think they are well balanced with each of their abilities (except the fact that Dixie renders Diddy kinda useless). What I’m saying is that it would be cheap to tap and choose any character whenever you please. If you’re always playing with your comfortable character, you’d never get to experience different challenges that may arise when playing with characters you have to play with.


      5. Hmm. I still don’t see why using a certain character would prohibit one from accessing other area’s just because of move sets. You used to be able to toss Diddy or Dixie to reach an item or secret barrel, and it didn’t matter because playing them all was part of the fun, other characters were better for different stages. I don’t know, I’m looking into it to much probably. But its a fun game and won’t change my playing through it. Just a tiny bit bummed over things I miss.


      6. It’s to add more challenge and longevity to the game. It test you with a character that would be weaker in certain areas of the game if you wanna get to the good stuff. But either way, as you’ve stated though, the game is still really fun. Ever since that E3 announcement, seeing Donkey Oong jump out of that plane…that was one really exciting moment. This series also has more organic looking levels than the grid based 2D Mario games.

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      7. I think that they specifically wanted the new DKC series to feel much different than before. I would prefer character switching too, but then there would be absolutely no reason to play as DK, because he’s the least versatile of the four by far (since he can only roll and jump). Having the different characters as basically power-ups to DK, I think, enables the Returns games to be much more distinguished from the originals; however, that’s not to say that I would like a lot of features from DKC 1-3 to be in new games (mainly Bonus Coins and a reason to 100+% the game other than bragging rights and concept art; KONG letters as the main collectibles are okay as long as they can possibly add a new collectible type in the next Returns game).

        Honestly, I don’t miss character switching at all. The new level design never forces* you to use different characters to progress (* with the exception of a few secrets; much fewer than the original games did this, however). Since it’s well-designed without it, I’m not missing it much.

        (*Slight Spoiler*: You can also play any level as any singular character- DK, Diddy, Dixie, or Cranky- when you unlock Hard Mode.)

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      8. Mm, I don’t see DK just being left aside so badly that people wouldnt play as his character. I guess it’s possible but it’s odd to think they would have to remove the function altogether in the first place to me. I enjoy playing as all the characters because each had a different set of skills, even DK’s basic set of moves are his moves. But either way, I look forward to hard mode now


    1. It’s an alright Pikmin title.
      Definitely has much more beautiful detail and visuals.
      There is occasional frame dropping while walking with a huge group of Pikmin, but it’s nothing that hinders gameplay.

      One thing to note though is the game is insanely short compared to the 1st and 2nd games.

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    1. I struggle with deciding to buy 3d world or not, its the wii U’s big mario game but I don’t really like how sterile and simple it is. It isn’t a matter of whether the game will be mildly pleasing to play, but whether or not I will actually want to and come back to it. This is sort of like deciding whether to buy a NSMB game, I wouldn’t buy one (outside of the first one) but I wouldn’t actually find it terrible, just boring.


      1. 3D World is a mix of Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy and some of the 2D Mario games. It’s a blast and is a very good game! You need to pick it up! About the coming back to it, if you’re a completionist then there are: 3 Green Stars, top of a Flag Pole and a Stamp to collect in each level.


  3. Its really good because I/many Wii U owners want to play the most Wii U games before/after the NX is release.Also because if the games are mostly cheap I can get them really easily and I have a shitload of Wii U games to play that I missed during 2012-2015.

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  4. For collectors like myself, these Nintendo Selects releases are worthless. Since I only buy original releases (well, original packaging. Not these screwed up Selects titles). I also wish they’d go back to calling them “Players Choice” titles, like they were called back on the Gamecube. I still call Strategy Guides “Players Guides” as well. I hate when things are changed from the way I’m familiar with.


    1. No one is stopping you from obtaining initial releases, no reason to hate on something that has no impact on you.

      Well the rest of us sure like them, and we don’t mind changes.


      1. My wallet doesn’t hurt at all. It’s not like I collect games when they’re brand new all the time. When I buy and collect games, they’re usually already the same price (or much less) than Nintendo Selects titles. People always act like “Yay, I can finally buy that game”. As if the game/s wasn’t already on eBay etc. for the same price or lower for a used copy. I just don’t understand some people, that’s all.


  5. I remember how extremely disappointed I was when the Wii version of Super Mario All-Stars first released. I couldn’t believe how lazy Nintendo was by just doing a direct port of the SNES version (instead of enhancing the graphics even MORE. Or adding new games to it). And to make matters worse, it wasn’t even the version of Super Mario All-Stars that has Super Mario World on it. Nintendo’s laziness at it’s finest.


  6. DK is the only one of these I regret getting. I still haven’t finished it, so I ferl like I wasted my money on that one. Especially when I could have bought this…


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