NA: Bayonetta 2 eShop Price Now Reduced

Since Bayonetta 2’s standalone release, the price of the downloadable eShop version has been significantly reduced in price.

Hard copies of Bayonetta 2 originally launched in North America in October 2014 as a bundle that included a bonus disc and the original Bayonetta title for $59.99. The eShop version of Bayonetta 2 was $49.99 and once purchased you could buy Bayonetta for $9.99.

Now that Bayonetta 2 is available to purchase on its own in retail stores as of yesterday, the downloadable version has been reduced down to $29.99.

You can check out the original launch trailer for Bayonetta 2 below:

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  1. ~*Shame the original Bayonetta 2 release with Bayonetta 1 included for free is now a limited edition with no warning from the idiots at Nintendo that it was in fact a limited, physical edition back then. Talk about false marketing.*~

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    1. False marketing my ass! At least the good news that Bayonetta 2 have sold 970,000 physical copies worldwide… mostly here in North America. Now that it’s released, there’s a greater possibility that it will reach the one million mark.


      1. ~*Yep. False marketing. No where in the marketing of when this game was originally released in the US did they say the physical edition of Bayonetta 2 with Bayonetta 1 included was going to be a limited edition. They may not have lied about it but they did in fact fail to mention it, so it’s still false marketing. Just like how they falsely marketed the Twilight Princess HD music CD was going to be a preorder bonus. The fact they neglected to mention it was going to be a Gamestop exclusive means they falsely marketed the bonus. Like I said before, you were simply confused on the matter because of the fact the UK was getting it as a limited edition while the US wasn’t.*~


  2. People. If you’re 3RE person action fans or want something different. BUY THIS GAME. I’m currently on my 6th consecutive play thru. The replay factor is insane and the game actually has achievements. I pray to good they do a 3rd for the NXletdown


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