Paper Mario Colour Splash Coming To Wii U

Nintendo has announced today that a brand new Paper Mario title will be coming to the Wii U. The game is titled Paper Mario Colour Splash and is due to be released this year. The game see’s Paper Mario bringing colour back to Prism Island with his new paint hammer. In battle, you can paint special cards and then flick them to start the battle! It’s all very colorful.


    1. I think they’re still mad at us for not buying Code Name S.T.E.AM.
      They’re more unforgiving than the Metroid branch of the Nintendo Empire.

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    2. Right? Its like they dont get it, all the weird crap is fine, but stop taking away the RPG stuff. Paper Mario is taking over were Mario RPG stopped. But in some ways is better cus its the story books that Rosalina reads and have their own paper art thing going on. Just go back to RPG !!!

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  1. My heart broke when I saw this. This really bummed me out for the rest of the Direct.

    There were just generic toads, no companions in combat, and I saw a boring linear over world map.

    And Bill said it was an Action Adventure game. That’s not what we want! No one wanted a fucking Sticker Star Sequel/ successor.

    At this point I would just rather have them remake the first 2 in HD, then have them keep trying to make new entries.


  2. *eye twitch* This is Metroid all over again! I want original Paper Mario or Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, not Paper Mario: Sticker Star 2!!

    So after the horrible Other M & Sticker Star which came out years ago, they finally give us a new game & it’s another smack to the face like the game that came before them. *sigh*

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  3. Here’s what needs to happen in an NX Paper Mario:
    1.) Partners return. They’re interesting supporting characters you travel with.
    2.) There’s a good story to travel through.
    3.) Some new lands and creatures. 64 and TTYD weren’t known for simply translating the standard NSMB worlds into a paper look, but Sticker Star and this seem very content with doing just that. Give us a new enemy like the Clubbas.
    4.) We’ve got the turn-based structure. Now bring back the combat Mario & Luigi is continuing. Just because one series is using it doesn’t mean we don’t want the other to use it. Really, it would be much better if Paper Mario started using it again.

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    1. In fact, if they want to try & be innovative with a Mario “RPG”, they can either do that with Mario & Luigi or make an entirely new spin-off franchise. Preferably the latter since I’m sure fans of the Mario & Luigi franchise wouldn’t want Nintendo to drop the RPG element anymore than we like them dropping it from the Paper Mario franchise.

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  4. I felt disappointed when I saw this mostly because I don’t want a Paper Mario game to just have 1 central theme that’s just completely repetitive, like hammering everything that’s been grayed out. First we got a lick and stick, now we’re getting a coloring book…

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  5. Paper Mario games are supposed to be whacky and out of the ordinary. You’re supposed to see characters you don’t see in other Mario games and have story thereafter. Seems like the Mario & Luigi franchise is the only place to get the real paper Mario experience nowadays. The latest game even has paper Mario in it, and you get to buy accessories for him just like the the old Paper Mario games. Ifyou wanna play Paper Mario now go buy that instead, much better experience.

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  6. Sigh. I guess the Paper Mario games with great stories and fun RPG gameplay are gone. The first two were masterpieces. The last few have strayed from a lot of the things that made me fall in love with the series. And this looks a lot like Sticker Star Wii U. Here’s hoping that it’s something at least a little fun still…


  7. You guys in the comments never disappoint. But I’m on board with almost everyone.

    Unless Sticker Star becomes a Nintendo Select, I’m not paying the price it’s at now. Same with this game.


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