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Super Nintendo Games Coming To New Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo has confirmed that Super Nintendo games are indeed coming to the New Nintendo 3DS today. You’ll be able to play a variety of titles including Super Mario World, F-Zero and Pilotwings today. Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario Kart and Earthbound hit the New Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console on March 24th. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Metroid & Donkey Kong Country 2 hit the New Nintendo 3DS on April 14th.

26 thoughts on “Super Nintendo Games Coming To New Nintendo 3DS”

    1. After Shovel Knight + Shantae, I was feeling like there was a lack of good platforming.retro fun. Finally, we can (legally) take those SNES games on the go!

      …Now we just need GBA games.

        1. We can only hope My Nintendo gives us cross-buy. If not, Nintendo will get their asses kicked by Sony again.

          1. I have one, but it really has had no benefits at all. I was waiting to play Kingdom Hearts 3D on the New 3DS, but then Kingdom Hearts 2.8 was announced…

            Even with the SNES games they have announced, it looks as if it will really just be the exact same thing as the Wii U’s decent SNES VC library (it doesn’t really even have any RPGs like Super Mario RPG yet- in the US anyway-, excluding Earthbound of course). I honestly will not be buying any SNES games on the New 3DS if there is no cross-buy planned. I just prefer looking at a bigger screen.

            So at least there’s more than Xenoblade Chronicles 3D that’s exclusive to the New 3DS. Also, I’m pretty sure that Nintendo is probably focusing a lot of resources on the NX console and next handheld currently so that their launches will exceed the Wii U’s okay launch and the 3DS’s atrocious launch (seriously, Pilotwings Resort was the ONLY decent game at launch for 3DS, unless you count the 3D port of SF4, which I don’t count because it’s a port).

            1. Completely agree, but it still a bit annoying knowing that hacked 3DS’s can run the SNES almost flawlessly, yet Ninty is giving us a BS excuse. You’re right though, If its not cross or at least if they don’t some how acknowledge our old purchases, then we shouldn’t be expanding these libraries.

              Lol oh tell me about it, I bought both SFIV and Dynasty Warriors at launch and couldn’t help but force my excitement. I felt great for about an hour, then got bored of them and just kept lying to myself about how I really felt about the 3DS.

              What a dark time.

  1. Really, REALLY stupid decision. Exclusive to owners of New 3DS? Heh. Well, I’m never buying one of those. I guess it doesn’t matter since I have these games on Wii U VC, but it still irritates me. I’d love to have Super Metroid on the go. So dumb. -_-

    1. I think it’s hardware limitation? There is an emulator for hacked systems, but as I recall hardware makes sound difficult and some games won’t run well.

    1. Probably so more people will buy the New3DS, at least that is my guess. You would think that the original 3DS should be able to handle SNES & GBA games, heck the PSP could even handle those and then so much more. Maybe Nintendo needs to hire some hackers. I am glad I have the New3DS already but understand the grief of those who don’t, and there should not be a divide made by Nintendo IMO.

      1. The 3DS Ambassador games included GBA emation, so there is no actual reason besides greed to sell the New 3DS. I’m not wasting my money on a New 3DS just to play a handful of games when my original one works perfectly, and when I am trying to save up for the 3DS successor.

  2. If my launch 3DS can play those 10 free ambassador GBA games, then there’s no way in hell a regular 3DS can’t play SNES games. I’m sure this is just a ploy to get people to buy the n3DS.

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