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Video: Nintendo Minute Is Looking Back At Pokémon Day Festivities

This week’s Nintendo Minute video showcased the Pokémon Day festivities that took place at the Nintendo NY store last week. Kit and Krysta both attended the event, interacted with fans, and more. Some cosplayers were also in attendance and prizes were handed out during games such as a trivia contest. Kit and Krysta later went to the local GameStop for the Pokken Tournament Early Access Competition regionals that were also happening.

However, the duo went on a special shopping spree for some goodies that are being handed out in a contest that fans can enter. To enter, entrants must tweet “I’m going to play ______ #SweepsEntry #NintendoMinute” to Nintendo of America’s Twitter account and fill in the blank with Pokémon Red, Pokémon Blue, or Pokémon Yellow. Two winners will be randomly selected.


2 thoughts on “Video: Nintendo Minute Is Looking Back At Pokémon Day Festivities”

  1. I know a brilliant idea to fix the line issue. Bare with me, Nintendo, because I know you guys can be out of touch at times. It’s a brilliant idea that a company that’s built a store has never, EVER thought of doing before in the history of company owned stores. It’s called… BUILD MORE FUCKING STORES, YOU FUCKING GITS!!!

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