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Rumour: Next Call Of Duty Game Coming To Nintendo NX?

With E3 approaching there’s a number of Nintendo NX related rumours on the horizon. One of these comes from Dual Pixels but it should be noted that some of their rumours have been proven to be false. However, the latest rumour suggests that the next Call of Duty title will appear on the Nintendo NX and is titled Bloodlines. Obviously this rumour isn’t too far fetched as it would make sense for the next Call of Duty game to come to the platform. What is a little far fetched is the same source claims that “In 2017, the company will team up with Platinum Games to launch Spider-Man: The First Avenger which will tie into the MCU movie and universe. Activision is also being given “hard bargains” by Nintendo to have BETA access to Beyond Destiny, the sequel to Destiny which plans to launch Holiday 2017.”

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56 thoughts on “Rumour: Next Call Of Duty Game Coming To Nintendo NX?”

  1. Spider-Man: The First Avenger? We already had Captain America: The First Avenger. It’d be pretty dumb to name this game that. Especially since Spider-Man is not even close to being the “First Avenger.”

  2. Activision is in very good terms with Platinum. They’ve worked together three times now, if I’m not mistaken. It’s not that far-fetched of a scenario at all. The only weird thing is the title of the game, since that’s the title of the first Captain America movie. The Destiny sequel beta part, I find even more strange, though.

    1. I imagine if the NX is like the X1, then they mayaswell put the Destiny sequel on the NX, I wonder though, Nintendo platformers always recieved limited support, not having access to extra maps or perks. I wonder if the NX will have full support, or limited support like in the past?

      The only time Nintendo recieved the definitive edition of anything 3rd party was with Mass Effect 3.

      1. And with DE:HR. Arkham City too, arguably.

        But yeah, I don’t see how that might happen. If it happens to be true, it would hint at the NX using similar architecture to that of current gen consoles. It would be interesting to see if there’s cross-platform support too.

      2. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

        -||Until they released the entire trilogy shortly after so it’s still invalid||-

        1. I understand the disappointment, seriously I do, but ME3 for WiiU was by far the best version and conclusion to the trilogy. It performed better, it had all endings not included with the original release. It took a few patches/updates for the others to catch up.

          We got screwed on cost, but it was one of the games I had the most fun with on My WiiU. I went back and played it time and time again. The online multiplayer was amazing, the story and graphics and music… It was an epic game, and the digital interactive comic catches you up.

          It was one of the best, fully-baked games I’d ever played on a Ninte do console. In hindsight, it was worth every penny, and it honestly kept me from ditching my WiiU after I realized Nintendo was not going to support the console for so long.

          It absolutely sucks we didn’t get the trilogy, but that third game, in it’s “Directors cut” form, was absolutely epic.

                1. It does make a difference. The developers should not be shamed just because the company they work for is not the greatest.

                  1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

                    -||Like I said, it doesn’t make any difference||-

                    -||If they didn’t work for them then I would probably get the game||-

                      1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

                        -||It’s not about recources, it’s about who’s my enemy and who’s not||-

                        1. Is this really a thing? We’re making enemies with gaming companies that haven’t done anything to hurt us personally? Well, in that case, Nintendo’s my enemy for making me suffer with the Wii U for those years. Lol.

                          1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

                            -||I think my name and rank gives it away and always have now does it?||-

            1. The Wii U also had definitive versions of Need For Speed: Most Wanted (Most Wanted U), Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Trine 2 (Director’s Cut)

          1. Your empire will complain and resist until they have hardware powerful enough to have the game ported.

            And then they will rejoice that they have it..
            They will enjoy every moment of it..
            They will become bro dudes…

            And sadly, you will look at the empire and see they have become the very thing you hated..

            This is the legend of your empire.. This is their downfall.

            1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

              -||They already had lots of these games before, a new one won’t change a thing||-

          1. Whether they have third party or not, Nintendo lives off their first party but I guess Nintendo would be happy with royalties from third parties.

        2. If this is true then the NX will sell a lot better than the Wii U. The lack of third party titles is what kept the Wii U from being a really great console imo.

        3. All I read on this blog are Nintendo fans hating 3rd party devs. (the extreme Nintendo can do no wrong fans) – I guess we’ll find out if there are still many Nintendo fans who will support 3rd party that don’t already have a 3rd party box.

          1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

            -||We don’t want a rehash of the Wii U launch again now do we?||-

                        1. I don’t know anyone’s age except for one person on this website but I forgot who it was and don’t feel like looking it up so I will call everyone a little child unless if they tell me their ages but that us dumb and im sure very few people will actually do that and nintendo is still horse shit dont change the subject and which is nowhere near offensive to what I can say little kid and are you getting good the crossover or what

                          1. Again, that’s your own hateful stupidity, You can be on the alternative and ASK instead of insulting everyone. Not everyone can be you. Nintendo may be “horse shit” to you as well, not everyone agrees with me either but I’m pointing out your errors, not by nintendo themselves such as what you are calling Mr. My empire there. Maybe if you were a bit more RESPECTFUL then you giving that name of yours disrepect, then maybe you can actually make a few pals here rather calling them something they are not. Bruce lee was never disrespectful unless his enemies tried to kill him. Think about it before you open that keyboard again, let my words sting, and good bye…child.

                            1. I don’t want to ask lol I don’t care about your age and what errors are you talking about nintendo is doing terrible compared to the competition and need to improve the company as a whole by a ridiculous amount and me being respectful to online strangers does nothing to this name because outside of this website I still speak my opinions on things whether they hurt people’s feelings or not and I make friends really easily and I have this name for a reason which you obviously don’t know and I can explain it but don’t feel like it and your words mean nothing to me ya little kid I am posting my opinion and that is all and if you continously get butt hurt then that is on you

            1. I enjoy third parties. Especially indie third parties. I don’t have an issue with third parties other than the constant need to put out similar products. I really felt that some of the mid third parties had a great chance to create an install base on Wii u when ubisoft and EA left. Activision still produce games on Wii u but possibly miss on chance to put transformers devastation and TMNT on the Wii U. A lot of the people I run into on the wii u grew up with the original franchise but oh well.

          2. You know, rumors are rumors, unless they, the companies themselves says its happening, I won’t believe a word of it. I keep hearing bullshit of the NX and I want actual news from the source themselves…that goes for capcom, namco, activision, etc…stop with the bullshit people, let the actual dev or third parties say it, not you!

            1. Well, at least they tried two CoD’s before giving up. More than some others that instantly abandoned ship. Lol.

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