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A New Smash 4 Update Was Released

A new update, Version 1.1.5, has been released for Super Smash Bros. For Wii U & 3DS. The update serves to “change game balance” in an effort to  “make for a more pleasant gaming experience”, according to the patch notes.

It is a surprising update, considering that development for the game had supposedly ceased to exist as of the recent Corrin & Bayonetta DLC release.


16 thoughts on “A New Smash 4 Update Was Released”

        1. Nowhere close to being a glitch. It’s canceling your second jump, saving it so instead of having to use up-b last. In the end, you’ll still end up with two jumps and two up-bs as usual, this was programmed in to give Bayonetta even more combo potential, like Up-b -> Up-b -> side-b -> angled side-b -> f-air. And by default, Bayo already breaks the “rule of Smash” by being able to do two up-bs anyways.

        1. We can’t tell that at all. It’s only been an hour since the patch’s been out, and people are still at work testing out the characters. It usually takes up to half a week to a week for the list to be finalized, and even longer for hackers to confirm it by dumping the actual info from the update files.

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