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Video: Unboxing Of Ryu, Roy And Animal Crossing Amiibo

YouTuber and blogger NintenDaan has gotten his hands on a number of amiibo that are due to be released this Friday, March 18th and has created an epic unboxing video. The amiibo that Daan checks out are Ryu, Roy, Isabelle (Summer), Kapp’n, Timmy & Tommy and Rover and you can view them in all their glory in the video, below.


        1. i don’t know that guy and i’ve never even clicked on one of his videos. but I do buy a lot of nintendo products. i probably own like 90% of amiibo. i own a vast majority of Wii U games and 3DS games. i also own a lot of PS4 games and haven’t even played half of them so far. i just like video games i guess.

            1. I like most of them. Fighting games are my favorite, Mainly playing SFV right now. I’ll be playing Pokken soon. I played a shitload of Splatoon for the first 6 months of launch. I had a lot of fun with Mario Maker. I played lots of Mario Kart 8 and Smash when those came out. I enjoyed Hyrule Warriors and Dragon Quest Heroes for a while. I was playing xcx and xeno 3DS a lot at the same time for about 2 months. I played Battlefront on PS4 for a while when it first came out. Also, Rocket League was really fun for a while. Luigi’s Mansion is my favorite game on 3DS and I go back to that a lot for online multi. ALBW was awesome and I beat that and got about half way through hero mode. I was playing Windwaker HD and Majora’s Mask 3D at same time for a while. I still haven’t even opened Twilight Princess and will get to that eventually lol. I played a little bit of COD3 on PS4 and will probably go back to that at some point (I love Stabler from SVU and was super hyped when I started playing campaign mode and discovered he was in it lol, also Jeff Goldblum is in Zombies mode lolooololol). I bought GTAV, Destiny, Until Dawn, The Evil Within and The Last of Us on PS4 on Black Friday for cheap and still haven’t even opened those yet. I got Fallout4 for xmas, still haven’t opened it lol. I’m super hyped for the new DOOM and the Dragon Quest games coming to 3DS this summer. I could keep going on but my problem is I have a short attention span with video games and don’t often finish many games. Worms Armageddon is probably my favorite game of all time and I always go back to the Worms series forever. But right now I’m honestly just really focused on getting really good at SFV and I’m maining Ryu until Blanka is available because he’s my favorite but I might stay maining Ryu because I’m getting pretty good with him and I want to enter the tournament in Orlando where I live and it’s being held on my birthday. ^^

              1. Damn and did you beat x yet I forgot if I asked or not with all of the comments I get ha ha and I’m doing side missions and grinding all of the npcs i have so far to level 60 then I will start doing the main missions again and I need a few more npcs then I will have them all

                1. lol not even close, like I said, short attention span, but I will go back to it for sure, it is an awesome game. Normally once I go back to RPG games I play them for a while because I get into the zone, I really enjoy grinding and leveling up my characters until they are supremely bad ass lol

              2. Depending on the game I also may have a short attention span but I eventually get back to it but I keep buying games now not so much recently but that will change the games I will get is final fantasy type 0 HD on the ps4 and the walking dead the complete first season and second season on the vita and inazuma eleven for the ds and maybe some other games I have to see and of course I will get all of them for cheap

                1. I got Metroid Zero Mission as soon as it came on the eshop and beat it in 6 hours and it was my first time playing it, certain games do tend to engage me and I will get through them quick, but as a kid I played the original NES metroid and beat it a bunch of times, so zero mission felt natural and it was great. I’m also a huge fan of the Punch Out series since the original Mike Tyson, I’ve beat them all many times and hope to god we get a beautiful NX version, that would be amazing ^^

                  1. also, I’ve played a lot of New Leaf on 3DS but only when I’m in the mood, but when I do get into the mood I get sucked in and will play for hours, that game is very relaxing lol

                    1. yeah my friend gave me a gba cartridge of it a few months ago and i was playing it on my sp but i didn’t play that much and i forgot about it until just now lol now i want to play it lol thank you bruce lee

    1. That’s why I prefer BestBuy, because they ship before the release so you’ll have it by the release date. They shipped my Ryu last night, so it should be here by or before the 18th. I’ve had a lot of problems in the past with GameStop, so I’m kind of avoiding them right now.

  1. First of all playing PS4 and xboxone is useless, when have powerful PC for third party games, Wiiu is the best console this generation and only system worth playing, I have quitted Sony and Microsoft systems and real gaming is only with Nintendo and PC, I bought Amiibo Ryu he is fantastic and also bought inkboy, fox, falco, charizard, marth.

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