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Japan: Check Out These Fire Emblem Fates 3DS Themes And More

Japanese Nintendo 3DS owners will soon be able to get their hands on some stylish new themes for the platform. There’s two Fire Emblem Fates themes that you can check out in the videos below. Here’s a list of the themes that will soon be available for Japanese consumers.

  • Fire Emblem Fates (x2) – 200 yen each (available March 23)
  • Assassination Classroom – 200 yen (available March 23)
  • Last Note. (x2) – 200 yen
  • Finding Ojipockle + – 100 yen
  • Panpaka Pants (x3) – 200 yen each
  • Nem feat.GUMI & Kagamine Len: Ah! A Cat’s Wonderful Life – 200 yen
  • Umetora: Ikkitousen – 200 yen
  • Bakumatsu Patriot Special Voice: Ver.Chuubu – 200 yen



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      2. See, you can use terms like “retarded,” and “child,” but you your lack of any grammatical understanding shows that these are self-reflecting comments, no? If you’re a disgruntled fan, try emailing Nintendo. When all of you loser dickbags just whine on the internet all day, it just further annoys everyone. You’re not making a point, you’re being a fucking child, as you so eloquently put it (I apologize if my wording is too complex for you, maybe grab a dictionary to aid you). Also, I don’t think you have any idea how Nintendo can make a legitimate improvement, as you’ve shown in all of your comments, where you just cry and bitch and moan. Instead of acting like you’re a five year old, take your words to Nintendo. And also, learn how to formulate a sentence, maybe? Or how to express a clear and concise thought without just saying “this is shit” blah blah blah.


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