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The Kirby Planet Robobot Series Amiibo Can Now Be Pre-Ordered At Best Buy

The series of Kirby: Planet Robobot amiibo are now available to pre-order on Best Buy. Kirby, King DeDeDe, Meta Knight, and Waddle Dee can all be purchased, which makes four in total. The price is $12.99 each. This doesn’t count the amiibo that have already been released for Smash, which will be compatible with the game.

The amiibo will launch on June 10th, the same day Kirby: Planet Robobot releases worldwide on the Nintendo 3DS.


19 thoughts on “The Kirby Planet Robobot Series Amiibo Can Now Be Pre-Ordered At Best Buy”

    1. I loved Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (my first Kirby game) and still love/play it to this day, though that’s mostly nostalgia taking over. Otherwise, I’ve kind of grown out of Kirby. But please, tell me how PR is once it’s out, for I may consider jumping back in.

      1. I feel yah, I’ve just always loved the artistic value I find in Kirby game’s. Crystal Shard’s was a beautiful and fun game, hell I think that same formula would work well today. The last couple of games haven’t interested me in the slightest, but this looks pretty wicked.

          1. Kirby games are entry level titles so they are designed to be completed by most folks. Doesn’t mean several of the games don’t have amazing depth. I love of core fans run arenas or any timed challenges. Movesets in games provide a varied experience in this regards and it’s something I admire about their design. Something for everyone if you’re looking for more. I love Kirby. Kirby + Monster Hunter my fave franchises for life.

      2. Man, I’ve never grown out of Kirby, myself. Fan since the first game on gameboy and Kirby Super Star is a masterpiece that deserves the icon status other franchise milestone games have. I am so hype for this game and am going to preorder all these amiibos and game. even as I play tough dense or more challenging titles as Monster Hunter or Xenoblade Chronicles X, I come back to Kirby for the charming gaming bliss. I’m so happy about this.

            1. Ripoff? Oh dear, you’re as irrelevant as that dude’s opinion about the amiibo as well as delusional for thinking my username is because of you.

              1. Delusional and Irrelevant don’t even begin to describe this back and forth. If you think I actually give half a fkk about any of this crap you’re wrong. I’m simply taking out the trash.

              2. Did you just come in to annoy and pick fights?

                And technically, you DID care enough since you commented- if you truly didn’t, you would have passed my comment up without giving it a second thought. There’s 10-25 seconds you’re not going to get back.

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