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Japan: Pokemon Snap Is Coming To The Wii U Virtual Console

Japanese gamers will soon be able to get their hands on Pokemon Snap albeit via the Wii U Virtual Console. People have been crying out for a new Pokemon Snap especially since the Wii U GamePad appears to be perfectly suited to the game. Still, we haven’t received one, so this will have to do for the time being! Pokemon Snap on the Wii U Virtual Console will support the GamePad, Classic Controller Pro, or the Wii U Pro Controller. It will cost ¥1,028 ($9) and will be available for purchase next week. Let’s hope it comes to the west.

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15 thoughts on “Japan: Pokemon Snap Is Coming To The Wii U Virtual Console”

  1. What Nintendo needs to do with this (Which they wont because Nintendo) is add gyro controls and a place to post pictures on the miiverse. Maybe pop it on the 3DS too? Or even better an HD remake

  2. We really need a new “Snap” at this E3. One last game for the Wii U, perhaps? “Color Splash” was announced in a Direct this year. I can’t imagine they wouldn’t announce anything for the U, even with the NX right around the corner.

    1. It would fit perfectly. All Wii U games have been very low profile games (after all, all the focus is on the NX) but Pokémon Snap is a low profile game that is still deeply beloved.
      That said I hope it doesn’t get announced at E3, maybe during a direct. The digital event should focus 95% on the NX and it’s launch titles

      1. Lolololol 95% of Nintendos E3 on NX? Won’t happen. 25% will be for Wii U and 25% will be 3DS. 50% will be NX.

        1. Depends on how much Nintendo intends to support Wii U after the NX, which given what we’ve seen this past year(~ish) is low profile (aka a bit shit).
          Retro has already said that if they’re going to make a Metroid game, they will make it for the NX.

    1. I know, right?! Such a missed opportunity on Nintendo’s part. How they haven’t made a sequel to Snap on the Wii U or 3DS is beyond me. It makes so much sense given both consoles’ features. It’s not too late though. Am I being too optomistic for an E3 announcement?

  3. Good for Japan. Now when can we get this gem in the fucking States!? Oh & I’m sure Europe would want this, too!

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