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Video: Here’s The New Star Fox Zero Trailer

The long-awaited Star Fox Zero is just around the corner so it seems natural that Nintendo of America should upload a brand new trailer celebrating this fact. You can watch Fox McCloud and the rest of his crew go to work in the trailer below. Star Fox Zero launches in Europe and North America on April 22nd

Thanks, TomPoucherGames

10 thoughts on “Video: Here’s The New Star Fox Zero Trailer”

  1. Nicely edited TV spot. A few splashes of the cut scene close ups might have helped a bit. Otherwise, it paints the game in the best light possible.

  2. So in the next two months we will get Dark Souls 3, Doom 4, and Star Fox Zero. That’s a better line up than I’ve seen in the last two years honestly…. I can’t wait for all three games… Gonna have to take some time off work…

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  4. Every Wiiu game I played Is tends to get boring quickly, there’s lot of better high end space combat titles on PC who needs Starfox Zero, it has basic graphics, seen better vehicles in other titles and not one of the best action in a game also Why people interested in NX when people spent so much money on Wiiu and is world’s boring console to date, NX will be the same thing added third party support and will under powered PC, Consoles should just be finished and PC should get all the games as it is most powerful gaming system on the planet, why do people buy under powered consoles?

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