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Video: Star Fox Zero/ Star Fox 64 / Star Fox SNES Comparison

If you were wondering just how far Star Fox has come in the 23 years the franchise has been around, Nintendo Life have put together a comparison video to show you just that. The clip compares Corneria in the latest footage of Star Fox Zero, with Corneria in Star Fox 64 and Star Fox SNES. Check it out below:



4 thoughts on “Video: Star Fox Zero/ Star Fox 64 / Star Fox SNES Comparison”

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  2. Still looks bad. You know what the main difference between Zero and SF 64 is? They added some pretty specular highlights and textures to the water and buildings. Eesh.

  3. So, basically… get over it!

    Fine by me. I was looking forward to something unique with this game. Perhaps in the next installment we’ll have multiple control options, but – as this game is more of a remake – I’m glad that this one encourages (strongly) that people use the new control scheme.

    The next entry can move along to focusing on new material, with this new generation properly re-familiarized with the series’ conventions.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. After Star Fox Command ruined the series (for many fans, including me), This Remake-Retake is just what the series need to get back in the game (pun intended). It’s more of a Reboot actually and that’s fine too, they can slowly reintroduce fanfavorites like Krystal in the sequal, as long as they don’t fuck it up…again. But for this game it needs to feel familiar to please the long-time fans, it’s like Star Wars 7 in a way.

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