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Video: There Is A New Super Mario Bros Any% World Record

Darbian set a new Super Mario Bros Any% world record today. The entire run has now been uploaded onto YouTube. The run starts roughly 7 seconds into the video. The world record for an Any% run of Super Mario Bros now sits at 4:57.260. Feel free to check out the video below.

If you don’t know what Any% means, SpeedRunsLive has a glossary explaining the term. The site describes it as “a run with no additional completion requirements” and that “anything goes” with Any% runs. It is “The ‘default’ category for speed-running a game”.


6 thoughts on “Video: There Is A New Super Mario Bros Any% World Record”

  1. I call shenanigans. He went straight through those Piranha Plants. Whenever I get that close to them, I die. I die even if I’m clearly not touching them. Hmm, reminds me of Splatoon. I hate dying to shots that land a few metres to my side.

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