Video: Teens React To Super Metroid

The Teens React channel is back with yet another video and this time they’ve got some enthusiastic teens to play through the revered Super Metroid on the Super Nintendo. In case you are not aware it’s actually the 30th anniversary of the original Metroid that was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1986. See what the teens make of the action-packed SNES game in the video, below!



  1. And this why they became a joke after they almost own the rights to “react” and that’s sad. LOL

    TheFineBros are a piece of shit channel and hopefully they will disappear off the the face of the end in several years!

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  2. All of my years of playing Super Metroid, I never knew you could turn into a Morph Ball & roll right under that boss without getting hurt by his feet. lol Learn something new every day. But it’s also funny how some of these clearly casual gamers figured something out their first time playing the game that I, a hardcore gamer, been playing that game for many years just now found out about it. lol

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    1. Yeah, that surprised me as well! I’ve played through Super Metroid several times, and not once did I ever try that. Though when you think about it, it makes sense. You get a powerup for the morph ball, so naturally the player would want to try out that new power and roll around in morph ball form and take notice when the boss fight starts.

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      1. Yeah. I never took into account that maybe the first boss fight would allow me to use the first power up I got in the game as a way to avoid damage. With the plant boss in Brinstar taken into account using the Morph Ball to avoid damage, this usage should have been a no brainer, too. lol

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      2. Next time I play the game, I’m gonna try using the Morph Ball this way for the gold one (can’t remember the name of these guys off the top of my head) in Norfair to see if the same principle applies.

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      3. If you get there before I do, which I’m sure you will, let me know if it worked & you were able to roll under Gold Statue. (I really need to remember the official name of the statue bosses. lol)


  3. Actually it is just painful to see how bad these kids are at playing old school video games. It must be mind boggling for them to think there was a time where you actually could die in a video game, not like todays crap, where you get infinite do-overs till you succeed so finishing a game really has no gratification.

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