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Video: Here’s A Guide On Star Fox Zero’s Secret Level Paths

Alternative routes and secret levels have always been a thing in Star Fox games. Star Fox Zero is no different, and GameXplain have release a guide on them. There are spoilers so you may want to avoid the video if you wish to find the secrets yourself. If you don’t care about spoilers or need help with finding those secrets, then feel free to check out the video below.


Thanks, Andre

9 thoughts on “Video: Here’s A Guide On Star Fox Zero’s Secret Level Paths”

        1. It’s okay. We got a month & a few weeks til E3 so a late article on E3 stuff isn’t a terrible thing. Besides, would mostly just be there on that article for the comments, anyway. lol

        2. I hope you guys will try to conglomerate your news articles for this E3. Hell, maybe even during Nintendo directs too. There are just too many articles pouring in way too fast, it’s impossible to read them all. Not to mention comment on them. I’m a fan of this site, so trust me when I say it would be much better if you had fewer, just more informational articles during big news days. That way it would be easier to follow the comments and reactions to the news.

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