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Kirby: Planet Robobot Has Been Leaked

If you’re planning to avoid any Kirby: Planet Robobot spoilers, you may want to get started on that as soon as possible. The game releases in Japan on April 28th, but the game’s ROM file has been leaked. The file has full localization already in it, so people have been spoiling the game. Apparently, the game contains a lot of cutscenes, so there is a lot that can be spoiled.

Kirby: Planet Robobot launches on Nintendo 3DS in North America and Europe on June 10th.



  1. See? This is why we barely get awesome stories and cutscenes in our Nintendo games to begin with. They even cut the adventure mode from the Smash Bros. series after people started uploading the cutscenes from Brawl to YouTube. At least wait until the game comes out folks…

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    1. This would be a poor reason to remove story elements from a game, just like it was for Smash. There are cutscenes from just about every single game out there on youtube, and you don’t see other developers using that as an excuse. Besides, this game isn’t exactly a system seller. Yeah it sucks that the game got leaked, I doubt it will have much of an impact on sales though.

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      1. I hated when they removed adventure mode from Smash and I totally agree with you, i’m just saying that influential figures at the company like Mr. Miyamoto seem to be moving away from incorporating a lot of story elements in games lately (look at the Paper Mario series) and Sakurai was upset with YouTubers doing LP’s and people sharing/leaking the cutscenes from SSE so much so that he removed the mode from the next game and just put out a bunch of character trailers instead. So as a person who loves stories and campaign modes in video games I think we should at least wait until a game is released before uploading everything about it. They don’t need any more reasons to think that we don’t need story elements or surprises and unlockables. In fact it seems like for a while they were even spoiling everything about some of their own games themselves just to get the jump on the internet.

        And yeah, the core Kirby crowd is still gonna buy this either way and the casual buyers probably don’t even know much about it or the leak yet. I’m m0re worried about Nintendo finding out that once again something leaked and letting the internet influence their future decisions in a bad way.


      2. Do you realize that Miyamoto is apart of the Japanese Yakuza right?

        His father used to be kingpin of that Organized crime in Japan.

        Why do you think Miyamoto has more say now than he does all those years ago?

        They are trying to destroy your childhood by making shitty games that suck ass!

        AVGN has foreshadowed this in his theme song music video for a very long time now.

        I wouldn’t not say that he and I are friends or nothing.

        But I wouldn’t try to talk to him about his crime dad if I were you?


    1. “That’s probably the first time an entire game has been leaked before the game came out!” HARDLY. This sort of thing happens more than you’d think, but it’s usually PC games for the most part.

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    1. It’s an entry level series but hey different strokes for different folks. I finished getting over 500 hours in Monster Hunter 4U and playing two files in Dark Souls, and I still fucking love Kirby games. There is depth there for those looking for it. I am of the sort to preform power runs in true arena which I find decent challenge with. That, and I like to have something chill between all the more demanding games I play. Kirby helped me appreciate and further my interests in gaming, so always a spot on my shelf for Kirby games :) We all want something different.

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    1. Ya, wish I could play it but not familiar with the process of playing a 3ds rom. I hacked my psp but I don’t know a thing about messing around with any DS. I’ll probably watch all the cutscense and walkthroughs that are bound to be posted now. Someone already has all of world 1 up. Can’t help myself! I did the same when TD came out! I’m still going to buy it of course. I own most Kirby games, and plenty of multiples of Kirby Super Star, my fave game.


  2. One easy way to avoid spoilers on leaked games: don’t go looking for info on them! Most who want this will wait because they don’t want anything spoiled and can actually enjoy the game as it’s meant to be played WHEN it’s supposed to be released. If someone you know pirates this, just ignore them when they try to brag about it. Save your sanity and keep it for when you really need to freak out, I say :D


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