Reports State Wii U Production Could End By March 2018

With the announcement of the NX launch date today, reports from both Reuters and the BBC have claimed that Wii U production could end by  March 2018. Reuters have reported that the news of the Wii U’s eventual cease of production came directly from Nintendo’s president Tatsumi Kimishima.

This information was not announced in an official communication from Nintendo’s earnings conference, but seems to have been a question asked to Kimishima by one of the reporting sites or analysts.

The console’s predecessor, the Wii, was released in 2006 and ceased production in 2013, so if this news is true and the Wii U stops being produced in 2018, it will have been one year short of having the same amount of years in production as the Wii.

Research company IHS’s director of games, Pier Harding-Rolls, stated why he thinks the Wii U has failed to engage the public, and explained that the new console will need to stand out from the crowd and be well communicated out to its audiences.

“When the Wii U launched no-one really understood what it was, the two-screen experience wasn’t communicated well, so whatever they are bringing to market this time has to be unique and communicated clearly.”

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  1. As long as they don’t end it at the same time as when the NX launches. That would be a disaster and WILL put them in the same spot as SEGA is in now. I’m glad Kimishima-san is actually running the company like an actual gaming company and not like a financial company. I was initially worried that he would mess things up as he worked in Sanwa Bank for quite some time (and I’m still concerned), but after knowing that he’s headed The Pokémon Company (which didn’t crash and burn while he was there) and has been CEO of Nintendo of America as well, I’m (very cautiously) calm that he’s heading Nintendo (at the very least they didn’t hire an outsider, or else chances are, Nintendo could end up being like Konami, since that idiot Takuya Kozuki (who does deserve to have a honorific added in his F***ING NAME and knows JACK S*** ABOUT GAMING) took over the President position).

      1. SEGA made some huge mistakes in the 90s by doing some BS moves that made the gaming community not trust them anymore. By the time the Dreamcast came out, the damage was done and they couldn’t reverse it, prompting them to bow out of the hardware business soon after.

        If Nintendo were to stop supporting the Wii U at the same time as the NX’s release, then the level of trust would plummet greatly since the people who DID buy the system expect it to be supported for (around and at least) 5 years. The GameCube never sold well, and yet support lasted for about 6 years (2001-2007). Cutting off support of the Wii U now would give its support to be 3 years and 4 months.

        That would be a pretty crappy move on Nintendo’s part to be quite honest with you. It doesn’t matter if you wouldn’t care, the point is that it sets a precedent: people would think that instead of Nintendo riding that wave as best they can, they’ll gladly drop whatever their supporting and expect everyone to buy something else immediately. That’s a VERY a**hole move and it would hurt your business in the long run (like it did with SEGA).

        1. and thats why they stopped making consoles for there own reasons because we know how SEGA are with there bad mistakes, everyone make mistakes sometimes.

        2. Sega had already lost by the time the Saturn was released. Nobody trusted them after the whole Genesis peripherals fiasco. While I agree with what you mention about the short lifespan of the Wii U (although I wouldn’t care, personally), Sega had whole other set of problems. I’m not even getting in the clusterfuck that was their portable division.

        3. It’ll actually be 4 years, by Nov 2016, that Wii U has been out so even if they did stop production soon after the NX release, it still wouldn’t be nearly as bad as Sega. Besides, Sega released 3-4 different consoles in less than 5 years if I remember correctly. So again, still not nearly as bad as Sega.

        4. …..SEGA failed because they refused to stop production of all their failed consoles and addons, in numerous different regions. If nintendo DOESN’T stop producing the failed mess of the Wii U, they will end up in Sega’s position. The Wii U is a shit console dude, lets move on.

          1. … the Wii U was no where close to what SEGA did. First, SEGA didn’t fail because they refused to stop production of the systems. They refused to keep SUPPORTING the production of the systems. At least if they kept supporting it, people would at least think that they would ride the wave as long as they can, own up to their mistakes, and then move on from there. That would make them lose money for sure, but it’ll show that they won’t betray the people who still bought it by just throwing it away shortly after they released it.

            I’m looking at the list, and I see nothing of whatever the heck you’re talking about (because if your were right, the ones at the end should all say they ended production in 2000/2001, like the Dreamcast:

            Second, yes, SEGA released a bunch of new things in short periods of time, but the difference is that Nintendo is still able to sell okay with the Wii U (especially with their software), while SEGA just did the classic “throw everything to the wall and see if something sticks”. I don’t know if can’t understand this, but releasing 10 things at once in 5 years and releasing 1 thing in 5 years isn’t the same thing.

            If what you’re saying is true, then this list would have been VERY short:

            So yeah: explain that.

            Oh, and also explain why these games are still getting Miiverse posts:







            Even third-party games that had more success on other consoles are still getting new Miiverse posts:






            … or indie games…






            … hell, the APPS has engagement, too…



            WHO the HECK watches stuff on NETFLIX and CRUNCHYROLL on their WII U (or 3DS for that matter?) I guess these people do.

            I can pull a random Miiverse community from the Wii U out of my a** and 8.5/10 the posts have a distance between a couple of hours to a couple of days. While they’ve failed to translate that into better sales, they’ve at least have that to say, and that’s actually pretty good compared to SEGA engagement levels for their later systems.

            Yeah: the Wii U failed to attract more people, but when it does, the the attachment rate is just as good as all their other systems. That’s why they’ll fail if they stopped it now or when the NX comes out. So why don’t explain that, huh?

            You: But… but… but… IT SUCKS! *wah wah wah!* I want it to DIE!

            Yeah: it sucks… for you. And to many of the community in My Nintendo News. But it does suck to them. Otherwise, they would have stopped playing all those games and I at least wouldn’t have any one to kick a** in Splatoon with.

            But,… haters gonna hate. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  2. Sounds reasonable. I just hope there are a few more big(ish) games coming to the Wii U other than Zelda, PM: Color Splash and SMT#FE. I hope there is an Animal Crossing and Pikmin 4!

  3. well like i said the Wii U has 2 years of life left once the NX launch next year so no hope on buying Wii U games now, soon they will take the Wii U off in there markets.

      1. Of course we aren’t. Why should we? It sucks like the Wii with it’s shovelware. In fact, Wii 2.0 would have been the perfect name for Wii U at this point. It’s basically how the Wii would have done if it wasn’t for the millions & millions of casuals that hopped onto that console because of the motion control fad. KILL IT!!! KILL WII U WITH FIRE!!!

          1. There’s disappointing, and then there’s back stabbed. I have no mercy for a company (Nintendo) and their console that just feels like a middle finger to their fans, who defended and supported it. It’s a shame. The Wii U wouldn’t be such an embarrassment if Nintendo wasn’t stuck in the middle ages, attempting to attract the casual market who cares nothing about them.

            1. Yeah. Nintendo messed up badly. They chose to ditch the hardcore gamers for the casuals and now it’s come back to haunt them. They can’t get the core gamers back because they’ve left to Sony and Microsoft and they cannot trust Nintendo anymore and the casuals have either went to mobile gaming or stopped caring about gaming altogether. They picked up the Wii Remote, played a couple rounds of Wii Sports, and never turned it on again. Lmao.

    1. It sucks for those that still had faith in Wii U, though. Let’s give a moment of silence for those poor people. *bows head for 3… 2… 1…* Okay! Moment over! Burn the Wii U! NO MERCY!!!

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