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Video: Here’s Another North American Star Fox Zero Commercial

Nintendo of America has uploaded another Star Fox Zero commercial to their YouTube channel. Once again, the puppets that debuted at last year’s E3 expo have returned in a commercial to assist with promoting the game. Feel free to check out the video below.


19 thoughts on “Video: Here’s Another North American Star Fox Zero Commercial”

  1. They are good ads, but I can’t get past motion controls. Sorry, I wanted to like this game but the controls are just a disaster. If this game had an RPGish story progression and you could level up your character and vehicles, and the game was a 60-70 hour long game… Then I could understand the controls. It would be worth learning and mastering them. But this is an arcade shooter with no character progression that takes 3 hours to complete the game. Why would you put in controls that takes two hours to figure out in an arcade game that is only 3 hours in length? Miyamoto that’s why. First Sticker Star, now Star Fox…. All I can say is stay the hell away from Zelda. Motion controls need to DIE!

    Btw, I really love this new layout of the website. SO much better IMO, and solves the E3 “too many articles” dilemma.

    1. Optional motion controls for Zelda that don’t hold back the rest of the game’s shit would be nice. But if it’s forced, fuck that shit. Star Fox Zero is making me hate motion controls. :/

      1. Any optional motion controls in Zelda would be fine, and honestly I would be a supporter of optional motion controls. It sounds like I hate motion controls, but it’s actually just the “forced” part that I hate. If I’m struggling with controls I want to be able to turn them off and just use standard controls. Maybe try them again later on… Not being able to do that makes the whole experience sour IMO and drives me away from the whole idea… There are exceptions… Whether the controls were really good, or I just got used to them, I actually loved Skyward Sword (I know right, hypocritical.. go figure) Even though I loved Skyward Sword, I really would like to go back to standard controls for the next Zelda. Motion controls don’t work for every game, especially when they are forced. For some reason they just didn’t work in Star Fox, and should have been optional.

        1. It’s sad some, if not most, of our fellow Nintendo “fans” have grown accustomed to Nintendo telling them how to play a game. Poor corporate slaves. “If you don’t like the controls, either get good or go play something else!” Well I refuse to get good with something I don’t even find fun to use so I’ll gladly give Nintendo the middle finger & go play something else. I did that bullshit with Kid Icarus Uprising & I hated every fucking second of it. Even after I got use to the controls, I still fucking hated it. The only reason I even bothered to finish the damn game was because I enjoyed the story & found the characters hilariously entertaining. If the next Kid Icarus forces that bullshit on us again, I’ll just wait for youtube videos of the game. If not for Kid Icarus Uprising (oh & Zelda: Phantom Hourglass & Zelda: Spirit Tracks,) I might have actually bothered with getting Star Fox Zero because all four are the same fucking thing: forced gameplay gimmick. I love these franchises but fuck no! I refuse to be forced into using something I don’t find fun to use in the slightest! Fuck you, Nintendo! Unless I actually like them & find the controls fun, I don’t, nor should, have to “get good.”

    1. This is the best improvement to the website. I really like it too. Thanks for the added work to it. Now all we need is an edit button for comments.

  2. Did someone say 3 hour game?!?!?!?!

    Not with my 60.00 dollars of hard earned cash! That’s probably why they had to toss project Guard in with it.


  3. Why can’t i reply to anyone! Curse this crappy new layout! Its so cramped i hate it, and the adds are way too in your face its terrible!!

  4. has anyone tried this with the amiibo yet? I was thinking falco was the only challenge based amiibo but the starfox amiibo is challenging as well as you no longer have the lock on feature in the retro arwing, it’s pretty neat!

  5. It doesn’t matter how many commercials they use the puppets for in America, I’m still not buying this shit. If I want to play a game where I have to spend a few hours to learn & get accustomed to the controls, I’ll go play a non-arcade game where I can spend over 50 hours trying to get through the story. A 3 hour long story is not worth the effort to get use to forced, hard to learn controls.

    1. Well, actually, it took me 6.

      Because I kept screwing up/getting screwed over because of the controls and the split viewpoints.

      And I can’t believe I forgot about this flaw until now, but what Star Fox game doesn’t give you a radar!? This one doesn’t!

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