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Disney Infinity Is Cancelled And Disney Is No Longer Publishing Video Games

Disney has announced in an earnings statement, which was also relayed on Twitter, that the company has cancelled the Infinity video game line. Taking a $147,000,000 charge, it is effectively the end of Disney as a video game publisher. This is because Disney has shut down their video game publishing division. They have also closed Avalanche Software. Avalanche Software developed the Infinity games as a subsidiary of Disney when Disney acquired the studio in 2005, and has been a developer of video games since the days of the SEGA Genesis and Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

The last installment in the Disney Infinity series was Disney Infinity 3.0, which was released last year.


69 thoughts on “Disney Infinity Is Cancelled And Disney Is No Longer Publishing Video Games”

    1. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

      Indeed. With their own studio, they could very well have created games for their own movies, and with a studio so close, they could very easily have started development early on into the films production, while keeping the secret of the film contained.

      All of this went wasted because someone within the ranks couldn’t put two and two together.

    2. We probably don’t care too much about their games but just think about how many jobs were lost.
      I hope the workers can find new jobs with their already established skill set.

    1. I’m not too into Disney games or the game I’m going to mention but does this news mean Kingdom Hearts is dead?
      It’s a pretty popular franchise to kill.

      1. No, that’s safe because Square Enix is in charge of both the development & publishing of the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

    1. An extremely late & very terrible April Fool’s Joke at that. I still don’t fully believe this, though. @.@

    1. Since Square Enix is the one developing all the Kingdom Hearts games, it shouldn’t have any impact whatsoever… As long as Disney doesn’t recall permission to use their properties for some stupid reason (I have faith in Disney that they most likely wouldn’t do that though).

    2. Companies sign contracts for everything these days. It is likely they there was a signed agreement between the two companies in order for SE to use Disney properties. I doubt they are able to revoke it without penalty.

  1. Wow…really? I guess they’re simply going to license any future properties out to other publishers like with Star Wars.
    Still, I’m pretty bummed – the figures are great to display, and while the game had its flaws, it was enjoyable and something my wife and I could play together. At least we’ll still have 2.0 and 3.0, but no new future content (aside from 2 new sets and 3 new figures they announced before the discontinuation) and no 4.0? Dang.

    1. I doubt they’d stop making the figurines, though. I mean, aren’t they at least making bank on those alone?

      1. Dunno. I would hope that they’d keep making figurines, but they were an integral part of the game, so who knows how many people who buy them just as display items? Disney already makes figurines, so it’s possible that if they offer them at a lower price point through the Infinity line, they could be cutting into sales of their other products.

  2. thenintendoreviewer

    I’ve never been into Disney games but this is still a shock that Disney is out of the video game business now. Well the company still has big bucks with their theme parks, films and Disney channel.

    1. Not necessarily. It could mean that the nfc figures fad is coming to an end. Even Skylanders isn’t exactly flying off the shelves the way it did when it first came out. Maybe it’s run its course, like the guitar hero/rock band fad.

  3. Wow.. i lived in Passaic ones and i collected all these toys but i stop when i moved to NYC. Was er, b-b good times.. nvm bad times cause this damn game froze my Wii U when i was creating a sandbox game, it lags in the HUB when you put alot of stuff, and online IS AWFUL omg lol.

  4. That’s absurdly sudden.
    I thought Disney wanted to make this sort of empire across all forms of media but they just stopped for games altogether, wow!

  5. Voice Acting Nintendo Monarch: Lance Bulmer

    thank #### for that disney games lacked the enjoyment final fantasy did plus the avatars looked to cutesy for me sorry to those i upset with that statement

  6. Isn’t that the third time Disney stops publishing games or something? That’s sad, but here’s to hope they’ll come back again one more time.

  7. I’m sorry but this should come as no surprise to many or even any, as it has been evident that the Disney series has been on the decline with both their figures and their video games sales for sometime now. And when I mean sometime now, I mean at least a year and some change – maybe more.

  8. Holy shit. I’ve never played a Disney game, but I had no idea they were doing so poorly. I find it hard to believe that Disney could fail in anything, especially considering their massive number of diverse IP’s. Does anyone know if this affects Marvel or Lucasarts at all?

    1. Well, the Lucasarts IPs have been with EA since the buyout, as you can see with all those new EA Star Wars games. Marvel licenses are ??? for now, here’s to hope to a new Marvel vs Capcom.

      1. I would love for a Marvel vs. Capcom to happen if Disney weren’t being dickish since the buyout. Copies of the third game had been limited and both DLC characters were removed because of them. This makes me more worried about a MvC4 if they were in control.

      2. Hopefully this will give Lucasarts a bit more freedom. I remember a couple games got cancelled after Disney bought them out; 1313 in particular. I was so hyped for that game, then just like that, it was cancelled.

          1. True they don’t exist as a developer, but they still exist as a publisher. They can at the very least offer ideas to EA. Back in December, the president of Lucasfilm, which is the parent of Lucasarts, said that they were still looking at their old ideas, including 1313.

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  10. Disney Infinity was not very good. Just about every game Disney releases was extremely mediocre, and the sales were too. With Marval movies doing so well I sort of understand the reasoning behind this. However Disney is not going to be able to ride Marvels coat tails for too much longer. People will eventually get tired of the Avengers.

    1. I already am. Not just Avengers, but all superhero stuff in general.

      Superhero movies are to the movie industry what CoD is to the gaming industry: there are too fucking many of them. The market has been supersaturated with them and it is NOT good.

      1. I’m gonna partially disagree with that last statement. We’re seeing a huge surge in superhero movies and a good many of them are unnecessary or shouldn’t be done. But in Marvel’s case, it’s being done correctly. Marvel isn’t just releasing a bunch of standalone movies. They’re building an entire universe where every movie is interconnected. They’re doing the same thing as any other movie series.

        Now other movies? X-men finally has good movies, so I’ll give them a pass; Spiderman and Fantastic Four should not be touched again until they’re in Marvel’s hands and can be included in the same universe; and DC as a whole should stop making movies, take a step back, regroup, and come back when they have a more solid plan. They’re just trying to do what Marvel’s doing, but worse.

        1. Even though I look forward to Suicide Squad, I agree DC should take a step back from the movie industry & quit trying to rush a cinematic universe just so they can quickly compete with Marvel’s cinematic universe. Oh & Spider-Man is back in Marvel’s hands. Sony is pretty much just a publisher for Spider-Man movies now. They’ll still get a say in the matter but Marvel has most of the control now since Sony accepts the fact they failed twice with Spider-Man & don’t want to damage a movie franchise of him any further. I wish we could say the same about Fox with Fantastic Four, though. :/ Personally, I think Fox can be real assholes at times. I think they’d rather continue forcing shitty Fantastic Four movies on people than ever give the movie rights back to Marvel. Unless Marvel promises them something big in return, Fantastic Four is screwed. :/

      2. I suggest you never get into the comics then. If you think there are too many superhero movies, your head will self destruct when you see the number of comics.

        1. Lol I tried to get into dc comics a couple years ago. Before I even started, I had to take time to research which order I should read them in and which ones were still canon and which ones were most worth reading. I haven’t really gotten into them much since. That’s why I like the cinematic universe. It gives me a general view of the comic books and then I can look further into anything that interests me.

  11. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

    -||Yes, now the same thing but worse will happen to the Xbots||-

  12. So with this news, that means Disney will be giving publishing rights to other video game companies now. Let’s hope EA isn’t allowed to get their grubby paws on anymore video game rights, though.

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