FAST Racing NEO Update Coming May 18th

Fans of Shin’en’s technically impressive futuristic racer FAST Racing NEO will be pleased to learn that there’s a brand new update coming to the game on May 18th which bring with it a number of improvements. The new update is titled “Vertigo” and includes the following list of changes and general improvements to the racer.

  • Online: Improved stability
  • Online: You can now choose a preferred speed league
  • General: Mini Map for all tracks available while playing
  • General: Improved loading speed for many tracks (especially from external USB devices)

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    1. When this first came out I thought to myself if Nintendo won’t make an F-Zero anytime soon they should should just hand it over to Shin’en and have them make a nice crossover game called Fast Racing Zero or FR-Zero for short ^^

  1. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. I’ve had the game just siting there waiting for the patch before I got into it. I tried out a cup and loved it but told myself that if it has bugs right now I don’t wanna chance souring my experience. Time to go balls deep.

  2. I love that game so much, I played it like crazy around the time it came out. These are nice updates, but it would be cool if they eventually include new DLC cups.

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