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Video: IGN Ranked The Mainline Final Fantasy Games From Best To Worst

There are so many Final Fantasy titles released by Square Enix that IGN has made a list ranking the main Final Fantasy titles, from best to worst. IGN uploaded a video with their results, of which you can check out below, if you wish. Is the list what you were expecting? Let us know that, along with how you would rank the titles, in the comments.


26 thoughts on “Video: IGN Ranked The Mainline Final Fantasy Games From Best To Worst”

  1. Top is their best, bottom is their worst:

    FF II



    FF X

    FF III


    FF VII

    FF V

    FF IV

    FF IX

    FF XII

    FF VI

    Golly gee I hope you remembered your roman numerals

    1. I think you got your tops and bottoms mixed up, because there’s no way FFII is the best and FFVI is the worst.

    2. I like that you put FFVIII high on your list and didn’t put VII too high. 7 is a good game, but didn’t age as well as 8 imo… plus 8 is super underrated and often covered up by 7 lol. I like that you put 13 pretty high up too… I really liked that game.

      1. I can’t stand the gameplay and mechanics of 8
        You can’t get money from your enemies, and there is not much in the way of buying and equipment management.
        To me it’s one of the worst in the series.
        One thing i feel 8 does have going for it is music, i really loved the music score in it over 7.

      2. Noooo. The list is flipped. Top is worst and bottom is best. That guy made a mistake, or is simply trolling. In the video he also said “we put them in the order from worst to best”.

  2. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

    Final Fantasy 9 was the best. I really thought it was great that they were going back to the roots of the series and bringing magic and nature back into the series..

    1. XII I can kinda see (I consider it one of the best FFs as well). But I agree with you on X. It deserves better than this.

      1. You just can’t call such a subjective list “Top 12 Final Fantasy Games”. This is something you name “Favorite Final Fantasy Games” not the “top”
        A list with that name should stay objective and I really doubt many would say (objectively at least) that FFXII has changed the industry and has been more revolutionary than games like VII or even X

  3. 7 was great.

    Honestly my all time favorite was Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle’s though. That game didn’t get enough love. Once you figured out how it worked it was a blast and the art work behind it is insane.

    1. Well this was for the main series, and FF:CC was a spinoff. One of my favorite GCN games of all times. I just wish they had better multiplayer lol.

  4. I think this author forgot how top 10 lists actually worked. You go from worst to best more often than not, not the other way around. Either that or the author tried to make people hate on IGN for a bullshit reason. You don’t need to do that, theres plenty of fuel for that fire, mate.

  5. There is NO god damn way that 6 is the worst FF game in the series… NO god damn fucking way at ALLLLL!
    For me the best ones in the series are
    The rest of them make me want to bang my head against a damn wall.
    I also tend to prefer the fantasy D&D motif.
    Mages, dungeons, dragons… casting spells.
    Castles, kingdoms.
    And even though 7 does not have those things, it’s the first FF game i played on anything other than a Nintendo console that i liked.
    FF8 does away with standards that most of the FF series has, like getting currency from enemies.
    And you don’t really do much in the way of equipping or buying things.
    The music in 8 was good though.
    The rest of them fall kinda flat for me.

    1. Ugh i need to WATCH videos THEN read comments.
      The video states that 6 is the best in the series, and i tend to agree.

    1. The 16 bit classics don’t need to be remade as they were a mature art form when people moved on to what was then termed 3d. Ffvii and games of that era, on the other hand, have aged terribly.

  6. glad to hear that people finally agree that final fantasy 6 is the best final fantasy in the main. Despite being seen as low standard from a graphical point of view and from a 2010 standard. People are able to see beyond that and see it is a real gem. I think Final Fantasy 7 and 9 deserved better because after 6 they are the best following by final fantasy 4.

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