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Minecraft: Wii U Edition’s Super Mario Mash-Up Pack Was Microsoft’s Idea

If you thought Nintendo was entirely responsible for the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack for Minecraft: Wii U Edition, you may be surprised to find out that was not the case. According to Nintendo’s Damon Baker, it was actually Microsoft subsidiary Mojang and 4J Studios’ idea to build the Super Mario-themed content for the Wii U version of the popular sandbox game. Nintendo ultimately approved the idea and made the content available as a free update for all players.

“They actually came to us with what their vision was, and the extent of it, and blew us away,” says Baker. “It still went through an official approval process through our art department at our head office in Japan, but it was really driven by them as the creative studios behind it.”


56 thoughts on “Minecraft: Wii U Edition’s Super Mario Mash-Up Pack Was Microsoft’s Idea”

    1. i would have thought nintendo came up with that idea but it was microsoft, i have much more respect for microsoft now than i did in the early x-bone days (which was none to very little at the time). now all we need is more nintendo themed packs like metroid, zelda, fire emblem, pokemon, f-zero, donkey kong, starfox, kirby and earthbound, also include some 3rd party themes that were in smash bros (including snake).

      1. Metroid, Zelda, Pokemon, and FE are definite yeses.

        Not sure about F-Zero, DK, Star Fox, Kirby, or Earthbound (or even Splatoon), be it because they’re not as big or as popular as the others (unfortunately).

        1. It’s such a shame, because modern DK platformers are so much better than modern 2D Mario platformers, yet the latter will always sell 10 times better.

      2. Understand that it was Mojang that came up with the idea. Yes, Microsoft owns Mojang but still, it’s not like the higher ups at Microsoft had a meeting and decided to make Mario themed Minecraft packs. It was the idea of a couple developers at Mojang sitting around thinking of new ways to make Minecraft content.

      1. Mojang is a subsidiary company to Microsoft. All the work they do is for Microsoft, all their ideas have to be approved by Microsoft, and Microsoft profits from all their work. They are Microsoft employees.

        1. Oh really? The point is, the idea did not came from Microsoft the company, but Mojang, different from what this title says. “Wow Microsoft is working with Nintendo”.

          1. But technically all Mojang employees are also Microsoft employees. So technically the idea did come from Microsoft. I suppose you’re right though. The title should’ve been more clear.

    1. I think that most people within the game industry loves (or at least respects) Nintendo. After all, without Nintendo, most (if not all) of todays games and game companies wouldn’t exist. And if they did, things would probably be very different.

  1. Seemed like a kind of no-brainer. I mean, Wii U owners of the game have no access to mods or skins, thus they have to buy them. Anyone who got Minecraft for the Wii U is clearly a big enough fan to pay extra for a game that’s cheaper and better on PC, so putting together something nintendo related was the obvious cash grab they were sure to throw in lol

    1. But that’s the same as saying “that guy who works at Microsoft doesn’t represent them when he comes up with an idea”

      1. It honestly isn’t all that unlikely given how iconic and legendary Steve and Minecraft have become. Minecraft has become the third best-selling video game of all time, even trumping the original Super Mario Bros. on NES. Steve is now more legendary than Mega Man, is just as iconic as faces like Cloud and Sonic, hell, some would even say he’s just as legendary as Mario and Pac-Man! And as Sakurai clearly likes including video game legends like Sonic, Mega Man, Pac-Man, Cloud, Ryu and formerly Solid Snake, I think Steve could very well mine his way into Smash Bros. NX.

        1. Sales do not make a legend. Steve is no legend. And to say he’s more iconic than Mega Man, equal to Cloud, Sonic, Pac Man, and all the other actual legends? No. Absolutely not. In ten or twenty years, you think anyone will give a crap about Steve? He’s a lame block character. With a building block game. Lots of people enjoy it, sure. But no one is gonna say top five or ten game of all time. Not even 100. He’s had one game. And I’m not sure how a game like that even gets a sequel. Avatar was one of the highest grossing movies of all time. You telling me that makes it legendary? Come on, son!

          1. I hate to break this to you, but … you are showing your age.

            Most gamer kids under a certain age have never even Had a console, and don’t know or care who all the icons from the 80s and 90s were. They have only ever played games on smartphones and tablets, and Angry Birds, Minecraft, Clash of Clans, etc are the “Classics” they have grown up with.

            Seriously … go ask a 5 to 15 year old kid if they have ever played a Mario, Sonic or Megaman game. They will probably say, “no … and who’se Megaman? Never heard of him”. They’ve maybe played that endless Pacman game on mobile, but probably like Crossy-Road better (having NO IDEA there was ever such a game as “Frogger”), but you can almost guarantee that they’ve played a TON of Minecraft on a Tablet or their parents laptop, and think Steve and Alex aresome of THE gaming icons.

            To the under 15 crowd, the reality is … Mario Who?

            THAT is why Nintendo is breaking into the Mobile Market. In spite of how much people like to call Nintendo the “Kiddie” console, aside from generations of kids playing Pokemon on their parents hand-me-down DSs and discount 2DSs, most KIDS barely know or care who or what NINTENDO Is. If Nintendo does not find a way to catch the attention of these kids before they are in their 20’s and having kids of their own … Only Grown Ups in their 30’s to 50’s + will even REMEMBER who Mario and Luigi are.

            1. I’d like to see some data to back up your claims. My niece and nephews know who Mario is and they know who Sonic is, even though I’m pretty sure none of them have played a Sonic game. I also know that the kids in my oldest nephew’s class have Nintendo consoles and play Nintendo games. Where are you getting your info, because from what I’ve seen personally, kids are still very aware of who Mario is.

            2. If you’re talking five years, maybe. But teenagers absolutely know who Mario is. My parents know who he is, and they don’t know a single thing about video games. Teenagers also know who Sonic is. Mega Man, probably not as much. But I’ve meet teenagers who know and play Mario and Sonic. Like I said, in ten or twenty years no one will care about Steve. That’s why he isn’t iconic. There’s literally nothing to him. No real story or background. He’s just there to build stuff. And once Nintendo comes out with their theme park attractions, little kids are find out about all their franchises. The Sonic Boom cartoon is for kids. I sure as hell ain’t watching that, and neither are any adult gamers I know. It’s geared toward kids. And who is Alex? An icon is something that endures. You think Minecraft lore is going to hold up anywhere near as long as all those other franchises?

              1. I’d also like to point out that there is also literally nothing to LEGO. No real story or background there, you’re just there to build stuff you know?

                1. I didn’t even mention Lego in this comment. And Lego and Minecraft, while in some ways are comparable, you can’t compare them in the sense of what I think you are trying to get at. Yes, Lego has been around for a very long time. But Lego is not a video game. It’s something you physically build yourself, something tangible. You can display your Lego masterpieces in your house. Minecraft creations? Share on the internet. That’s about it. People will eventually move on. Sure, there will be some people playing in the future. But not to the current extent, and certainly not to the extent of Lego. Minecraft has direct competition: other video games. Lots of other video games. Lego? Barely any competition. K’Nex if they’re still around, and Mega Blocks. Not much else. Am I saying Minecraft will be completely eradicated in the near future? No. But it won’t be nearly as popular in ten or twenty years. I’m sure people still play Pong to this day. But clearly it’s nowhere near as popular as it was way back when.

                  1. Just because it has no value to you doesn’t mean it has no value to everyone dude. All of Minecraft’s most impressive structures take a very long time to make, and get an incredibly tangible sense of accomplishment once they are done. Look up Minecraft griefing videos where people trick the server hosts into letting them destroy every structure in their world. Spoiler Alert:They all become furious. If they were as trivial as you’re implying they are, they wouldn’t be.

                    Also, what you’ve just said about Minecraft’s future is applicable to every single video game franchise that achieves legendary status. It’s not being just a success for a time that makes a game legendary. It’s what the game accomplishes in that time. And Minecraft has accomplished A LOT of what other legendary video games have accomplished, so to imply it isn’t legendary is an extra-ordinary claim that requires extra-ordinary evidence.

                    1. Once again, putting words in my mouth. I never used the word value at all. Would you stop putting words in my mouth? I may have given you the impression that I felt the people who made things on Minecraft would have no sense of accomplishment, but that’s not what I meant. All I meant is that there is nothing tangible. Thus eventually people would move on. Minecraft has done what exactly? Seriously, what has it done? Allowed people to build. That’s been done before. Ever heard of Sim City? It’s just a bare bones version of that where you actually build the city yourself. And it’s just one game. Sold like hotcakes, but that’s not because of how deep the gameplay is. It’s just a building block game. You could make a porn video game. I’m sure it would sell like crazy. Doesn’t mean it’s legendary. Legend is not something you just bestow based on sales. To imply Minecraft is legendary is what needs evidence. All you have is sales. Wii Sports is the same category. They’re something that anyone of any age can pick up and play. Doesn’t mean they are legendary. They sell so much because instead of trying hard to create something to appeal to a specific group, they made something that could potentially appeal to everyone. It’s an easy out for sales. Sales =/= legendary. You seem to think that just because I say it is not legendary, or that Steve is not iconic, that I’m bashing them. I’m just keeping things in perspective. I’ll ask you this. If gamers could only play one video game for the rest of their life, you think people are going to pick Minecraft?

            3. I’m a 14 year old here.
              I would dissagree with your statement, I would say a better estimate is kids 10-or younger.
              Me and my friends grew up with the Wii, DS, XBOX 360, and GameCube.
              Most of us still game today on consoles and PC.
              However, everyone I know that is 10 or younger has never had a console (unless their older sibling had one) and only plays mobile, which is sad and depressing.
              I for one, don’t play any mobile games, but I know some kids in my grade do, and all kids younger than me do. I’m happy I was in the last age group that grew up with consoles, and not cash-grabbing mobile “games”.

            4. I think there is some truth to what you are saying, and also a lot of assumptions being made. I think it’s true that Nintendo isn’t having nearly the impact on kids that it used to. Nintendo is reaching them indirectly through nostalgic parents who are buying the console to play games with their kids. We saw this marketing strategy with the Wii U. Nintendo presented it more as a family console than a kiddie console (a true “Famicom”). I can’t say for sure how unsuccessful the strategy was given how many other factors were impeding the system (price, the name, specs, lack of third party support, etc.), but I’m going to assume it was the wrong move. Nintendo appears to be trying to reach young people more directly now, which it needs to do to survive, but I just don’t think a company run by a bunch of elderly men is going to succeed in relating to them. I think Nintendo’s fatal error was not appointing a president below the age of 45 after Iwata’s passing. Nintendo is so out of touch. That is the crux of the problem. They don’t know what they’re doing. They don’t even seem to understand why the Wii U failed.

              As far as Minecraft goes, I believe it has had a profound impact on gaming culture and youth culture. It’s influence shouldn’t be underestimated. There is a whole ecosystem of toys, apparel, books, and other merchandise surrounding the game. Find me a kid who’s never played it. This is without a doubt this generation’s Mario. It will be remembered 25 years later when, as parents, they try to thrust it upon their kids with game and movie reboots, etc.

            5. Oh My. I set off quite the comment chain.

              I don’t have any specific sources to cite, but ‘mobile-only-gaming among youth’ is a common theme I recall hearing regularly on podcasts and in articles that I considered trustworthy when I encountered them … usually as commentary to earnings reports of various sorts that gaming jounalists then reported on.

              I used tems like “Most” and “Probably” on purpose, because OF CORSE there are exceptions. For every dozen or so kids that have never held a game controller in their life, there are a few 4 year olds learning to play NES games on their Daddys vintage gaming collection. I provided a range from 5-15 as an “up to” limit, with sixteen or older almost DEFINATELY being console and classic gaming familiar, and mobile focused gamers gradually increasing from a fringe majority at 15 and gradually increasing as you age down from there.

              (In case anyone needs a refresher for how statistics work … 39%* of 13 year old gamers [*random number for argument*], which would be a “minority”, statistically speaking, would still be TENS of MILLIONS of kids that DO know who Mario, Sonic and Megaman are, and have played their games)

              Lastly … this is a NINTENDO news site. Anyone age 15 or under who is here, reading this article and reading my comment is already Nintendo centric, and came to be through pro-nintendo influences through their parents or friends, and thus would obviously be in the minority side of the hypothetical statistic. Or, if you are a Parent who is a Nintendo fan, then OBVIOUSLY Your Kids are familliar with Our generations classics, because You introduced them.

          2. 1. If Minecraft was just a fad, which you are making it out to be, it would’ve died out by now. Minecraft is more akin to a “cultural phenomenon”, something Pac-Man was when he first debuted, something Mario was when he first debuted, something Sonic was when he first debuted, something Pikachu was when he first debuted. I’d also like to point out that Mega Man has never been a cultural phenomenon.
            2. So you’re saying the third-best selling video game of all time, a game that won the award for innovation at the Game Developer’s Choice awards, a game that is highly critically acclaimed, a game that is being used by the United Nations to better humanity as a whole, a game that kicked off a cultural phenomenon, will be forgotten about? Look, If you dislike Minecraft, that’s fine. But extra-ordinary claims like that require extra-ordinary evidence. Do you have psychic abilities society is unaware of or something?
            3. Steve being “lame” is a subjective statement.
            4. The quality of Minecraft is also a subjective thing, but there’s something I’d like to add here. Minecraft is currently ranked #169 on GameRankings. That’s better than every single Mega Man game. Final Fantasy VII, and Pac-Man.
            5. They’ll never have to make a sequel to Minecraft as anything they could include in a sequel just gets added to the game via updates, extending the game’s lifespan. This has worked for nearly half a decade, why stop?

            If you have any objections to what I’ve said that have facts backing them up, and not feelings, I will be happy to hear them! :)

            1. 1. I never used the word fad, so don’t put words in my mouth. Cultural phenomenon? It’s an easy access game. It’s not revolutionary. It’s just Lego in video game format. Fun for people, yes. But not some groundbreaking phenom that you suggest.
              2. The topic was about Steve, not the game itself. Awards don’t mean much. If it got all these awards, I’m not impressed with the people giving out these awards. As I said, it’s basically just Legos. Fun, but nothing new. The graphics are designed to look retro, which is in my opinion is just lazy and irritating, as are all the Indie games that do it, but that’s beside that point, as that is just my opinion. But again, your comment was about Steve the character, not Minecraft the game. Either way, you once again put words into my mouth that were not said. I did not say people would forget about Steve, I said that no one would give a crap about him.
              3. No, it’s not subjective. He literally has no story. There’s nothing to him. He wears blue pants and a teal shirt. That’s about the extent of his character. You actually think people are going to look back years from now and say “Gee, remember Steve? Yeah, that was one bad ass character.” No. No one will think that. No one thinks that now. They may enjoy the game, but no one is shouting to the rooftops about how awesome Steve is.
              4. Rankings are subjective. You actually think Minecraft is better than the games you mentioned? Just because people apparently never thought of doing a real Lego video game and not story line Lego video game does not make Minecraft special.
              5. The whole point I was making is that barely has a story, thus there is no point to a sequel. Yes, they can and have been adding content. But once again, this just goes back to the point that you changed the whole topic. You were talking about Steve, not the game. You said rather outrageous claims to Steve being more iconic or on equal footing as actual legends, and I responded to that. And yet all you have done is cite some rankings and other things about the game itself. I didn’t even mention the game itself except in relation to Steve. You can’t just swerve the conversation like that. If you’d like to return to the topic which YOU brought up, I’d be happy to hear your thoughts! :)

              1. 1. You said no one will remember who he is in a a few years time and no one will remember Minecraft in a few years time, aka something that is huge for a short while and then fades into obscurity, aka a fad. I never even said you used the word “fad” in the first place, I just said you were making it out to be a fad. This doesn’t address my point, this is sidestepping my point.
                2. All you’ve done to refute my claim that Minecraft isn’t a cultural phenomenon is say “No it’s not” and then not bother explaining why, nor bothering to refute Minecraft’s similarities to IP’s like Mario and Sonic when they first debuted. Burden of proof’s on you dude. :)
                3. Nope, still subjective. The story of Minecraft and Steve is one of survival, he’s bascially like a video-game equivalent to Bear Grylls. Minecraft is so open-ended people can “craft” their own stories with him. Plus, it’s worth noting everything you said aside from the clothing can be applied to Link. There is nothing to Link aside from his physical appearance and his quest, just like Steve. They are both avatar characters. They aren’t supposed to have personalities and the like because the player is supposed to project themselves onto them, creating an attachment to that character and causing people to like the character. You may not like Steve, and that’s fine. But other people do like Steve, making everything you are saying subjective.
                4. I know rankings are subjective. You, I and every other gamer, has their own personal list of best video games ever made. I was just pointing out that Minecraft has better critical acclaim than every Mega Man game, Final Fantasy VII, etc. Again, you haven’t addressed my refutation of your claim Minecraft isn’t critically acclaimed enough to be legendary, you’ve sidestepped it.
                5. But that’s the thing, these characters don’t need stories to be legendary, it’s the games they come from that makes them legendary. Pac-Man doesn’t have a story outside of “gobble the ghosts because reasons”, does this detract from Pac-Man’s status as a gaming legend? No. Does Steve being an avatar character detract from his status as a gaming legend? No.

                In summary, every point I’ve made still stands.

                1. 1. You can’t read apparently. I literally never said no one would remember him or forget him. This is the second time I’ve had to correct you on that. I said people wouldn’t give a crap about him. There’s a difference. Go back and read the comments.

                  2. I did refute your claim by pointing out that the game is not revolutionary.If you want to just ignore what I wrote and say I simply wrote “no it’s not” then why bother arguing. And by the way, when someone brings up a point, the burden is on them, not the other person. You can’t say “the New York Knicks are the greatest franchise in the world” and then tell me it’s on me to disprove it. :)

                  3. So creating your own story makes it some amazing game? I suppose those choose your own adventure books are better than NY Times best seller novels? A story of survival? Hardly. I watched a kid play it years ago. There’s a few bad things at night. All you have to do is stay in a building. Build a wall around yourself. And no, it’s not subjective. Like I said, there is nothing to him. And don’t compare him to Link. Link has a story. Link has adventures that are set in a story. Not some create your own fantasy story, but an established story. And while some people may claim Link is an avatar character, that is no longer true. He has a story to him. Nothing like Steve. Steve has no story line, just whatever your imagination comes up with apparently. And the whole avatar thing in general is just stupid. Anyone who says they feel more connected to a game because they can choose the name or edit the character is lying. This isn’t virtual reality. Sure, editing a character may be fun, but it doesn’t make you feel like you’re in the game. That’s a load of crap. And I never said that no one likes Steve. You keep putting words in my mouth. All I said was that he isn’t iconic, he has nothing to him, and in the future no one will care about him. Do you honestly believe in fifteen years people are going to be reminiscing about Steve the character?

                  4. I believe the fact that it’s just one game and has only been out a few years bars it from being legendary. Legends aren’t born in a day. You can’t claim it to be a legend based on simply sales. Heroin has many people thousands, if not millions of people using it, but surely that doesn’t mean it’s something spectacular. Minecraft is merely a fun thing for some people to build with. Nothing more, nothing less. Sales are not the end all be all. The Wii sold more consoles than any other Nintendo console I think (not sure). But that doesn’t make it the best console ever. Quite the contrary, many people (not all) despise the Wii for what it did to Nintendo.

                  5. Yes, they do need a story, some sort of character development. And Pac Man has multiple games, several of which do have stories, so there’s that. I liked the game Qbert, and the character Qbert. I don’t think he’s some sort of icon though. He was a funny looking character that you just moved around a bunch of tiles. If his game somehow had a massive surge of millions of purchases (obviously not going to happen), I’m not going to suddenly say, oh he’s so iconic, so revolutionary. Because clearly he isn’t. He doesn’t need a story. Pfft. Ok. “You know that tree that stands there in Ocarina of Time? No, not the Great Deku Tree. That one tree that is there next to all the other trees in Hyrule Field? Yeah, that tree is so iconic… Oh, what’s that? The tree doesn’t have a story? Well, it doesn’t need a story. It’s iconic because everyone just loves that tree. How dare you say it’s not iconic.”

                  In summary, everything I said still stands. Funny how that works, isn’t it? I said it, so it’s automatically true. You really need to learn how to argue. Claiming the burden of proof is on the other person and declaring yourself correct and victor is not how it works. You have your opinion, and I have mine. And once again, you need to learn how to stay on topic. Don’t bring up the character and then go on a rant about his game instead of him. It just shows that you don’t have much to back up your defense of him.

                  1. 1. The fact you have begun resorting to insults says it all.
                    2. It’s not that you said these things, it’s that you IMPLIED these things. What do people do with things they don’t care about? Forget about them.
                    3. Calling Minecraft the video game equivalent to LEGO and then proceeding to call it nothing special doesn’t refute anything. The sales data point I keep mentioning IS significant due to the fact it determines how many people the game has reached, which increases a games iconic status, the more a game sells, the well-known and recognisable it becomes. Claiming awards aren’t important is clearly untrue considering the fact companies and developers take pride in their games receiving awards, and the fact one of it’s awards was for innovation and the fact it’s being used by the UN to better humanity. (Peter Molyneux even went as far as to say the game is among the greatest gaming innovations in the last decades due to the fact didn’t fit into any of the rules gaming had set forth at that point in time and yet was still hugely successful), your claim the game isn’t revolutionary doesn’t hold up either. How can Minecraft possibly be nothing special when THE U.N IS USING IT AS A TOOL TO IMPROVE PEOPLE’S LIVES, the game won the INNOVATION award at the GAME DEVELOPER’S CHOICE AWARDS, won that award due to the fact it SHATTERED the video-game industries Bible of game design and how open-ended it is, and kicked off a CULTURAL PHENOMENON? I asked you all of this in my first comment and you have not addressed it. That is why I have had to put emphasis on all of them. The points I have made is the proof Minecraft is legendary, and to say otherwise is an extra-ordinary claim that requires extra-ordinary evidence. I’ve proven my point. The burden of proof is on you. Quit sidestepping Minecraft’s sales data and downplaying it’s success and quit pretending every other point I have made isn’t there. Where is the evidence Minecraft isn’t legendary
                    4. I don’t care how salty you are about Minecraft’s critical acclaim. The fact of the matter is it’s there. It is more critically acclaimed than every single Mega Man game, Final Fantasy VII, Pac-Man and many other video games. You do not have to feel the same way, you have to tolerate it. You said Minecraft was not critically acclaimed enough to be legendary, I proved your point false.
                    5. That is ONE way to go about night-time in the game, the other way is to learn how you craft armour, weapons and equipment to be able to hold your own against them and further explore the world, so that is either blatant ignorance or an obvious research fail on your part
                    6. Calling Steve lame because he lacks a story to you is no different from calling any other character lame because reasons. Just because Steve is lame to you doesn’t make Steve factually lame. Others would argue Steve is a bad-ass for surviving in the wild, crafting all the tools he needs for survival by himself, going on to build a portal to another dimension and slaying a dragon with a suit of armour and weapons he built himself. Both of these statements, Steve being lame and Steve being a bad-ass is what is called an OPINION, not a fact. In other words, SUBJECTIVE. Nothing you say about Steve as a character is going to change the fact they are all opinions, and are therefore, SUBJECTIVE.
                    7. I am perfectly justified in comparing Steve to Link. Just because the Zelda has an epic lore doesn’t change the fact Link and Steve are both avatar characters. If Link had evolved from being an avatar character, he would be talking in the games now and they would not be considering having a female Link option. Zelda having epic lore doesn’t change what Link is: an avatar character.
                    8. He isn’t iconic despite the fact he’s become one of the most recognisable characters in gaming due to everything Minecraft has accomplished. Again, burden of proof is on you, not me.
                    9. Steve having nothing to him is subjective, an opinion. It isn’t a fact.
                    10. Unless you have psychic abilities society is unaware of, you have no grounds to say no one will care about Steve in the future. Everything you have said relating to Steve as a character has been an opinion, not a fact. Just because you do not care for him doesn’t mean people who do care for him don’t exist.
                    11. The game has been around for half a decade and is still relevant and shows no signs of becoming irrelevant anytime soon. Games that are nothing special die out within five years dude. Minecraft is clearly much more than “nothing special” considering everything it’s accomplished and the game showing no signs of becoming irrelevant to this day. It’s clearly passed the test of time dude, whether you like it or not.
                    12. You keep saying Minecraft is nothing special despite everything it’s accomplished and every single point I have made this far. Again, burden of proof is on you. Not me.
                    13. I never said sales where the end all be all, that is one accomplishment out of several I listed. The fact your focusing so much on it is desperation.
                    14. No one remembers Pac-Man for these games though, they remember him for the original arcade game. The game that made him iconic. Where he was nothing more than a character who looked like a Pizza and had no story outside of gobbling pellets and ghosts. Pac-Man didn’t become legendary due to story, he became legendary due to other things he accomplished. Steve didn’t become legendary due to story either, he became legendary due to other things he accomplished.
                    15. Q-Bert isn’t seen as legendary, but the game lacking a story has nothing to do with it. The game simply wasn’t as successful as other arcade games of the era such as Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Space Invaders and wasn’t in the public eye for as long as they were. If it was, Q-Bert would be seen as legendary. Games do not need story to be legendary, they need accomplishments. Something Q-Bert lacks and Steve has loads of.
                    16. Of course a tree with a face and back-story is going to stand out more than the other trees without faces and backstories. What’s your point? This doesn’t prove anything. If you’re implying I am just calling Steve iconic with no evidence I’d suggest you actually make the effort you read what I have to say, looks for holes and refute them. These holes cannot be derived from your opinions, they need to be cast-iron facts.

                    And…everything I have said still stands. I have provided evidence backing my claims, so I have the right to say this. Until you provide evidence that refutes mine, this will remain the case.

                    If you have any objections based on facts, not feelings I’d be happy to hear them! :)

  2. Not surprised at all. Microsoft asking to use Super Mario? Sony joked about having him in All-Star Battle Royale. Everyone wants to use Mario. So OFC MS asked.

    1. 1. No. The fact that you keep putting words in my mouth says it all. You keep lying and saying things I never said. So of course I’m going to retaliate. I never see people would forget Steve, but you kept saying it. My saying you can’t read is hardly an insult in this context. If you find that to be insult, you might want to get off the internet now, because there are way worse things then what I said.

      2. Implied. Once again you are reaching and in a way putting words in my mouth. Not caring about something does not mean forgetting it. I don’t care about Qbert. I don’t care about the Care Bears. But I remember them. You can’t just try to make up arguments for me and then refute them.

      3. Sales don’t mean shit as I’ve already explained. You know how many people have played solitarie (I know it’s free) on their computer? Millions. I don’t think anyone is going to equate the number of users to it being a legendary game or iconic. You quit ignoring my arguments. Sales do not equal legendary. Simple as that. I’ve shown you examples of things that have massive sales that are not legendary. You just refuse to ignore them. Oh, and the U.N. has Iran on the human rights council. AKA the U.N. is a joke.

      4. More critically acclaimed? Because all the awards it has won were around twenty years ago, right? Not to mention awards are subjective. You just have to tolerate that those older games have substance to them where Minecraft is just building. I proved your point wrong.

      5. I’ve seen the combat of Minecraft. It’s a joke. Don’t even try to deny that. It’s like first person shooter with only a melee weapon. Dull and repetitive.

      6. No. You can’t just say reasons. Yesb they’re ate other characters that are lame. Doesn’t mean Steve isn’t lame. He’s just there. Surviving in the wild? Yeah, those wild sheep and zombies. So terrifying and hard to kill. Whoo! That combat again. So challenging. So epic! I don’t think I will survive another fight. Please. Only little kids are going to say he’s a bad ass. He’s not. Get a real combat system, then get back to me.

      7. As far as I know, Samus doesn’t really speak except for Other M. Mario barely speaks on game. Not speaking doesn’t automatically make a character an avatar.

      8. Being well known does not automatically make one iconic. As I said, you have to wait to see if that person endures. Which, I really don’t see happening. Unless they make sequels, which we both agreed they probably wouldn’t. In ten years, Minecraft will not have anywhere near the amount off players it does today.

      9. There is nothing to Steve. That it’s a fact. Unless you would like to expend on his character. Oh wait, you can’t.

      10. I never said people don’t care about him. I said in the future most people wouldn’t. There’s nothing to get attached to. No great story. Just bricks and sheep and creepers. People will look back and say “I remember that time I built a statue.” Not “remember that time Steve saved the world?” He has no real villain, a plot antagonist. He has creepers and some dragon. Which are optional. You don’t even have to fight them.

      11. Five years. That’s nothing. The game still gets mods, and has not been available on every console until recently. It won’t last ten years from note. Yes, people have fun with it and enjoy it. But it will get old for a lot of people. I’ve already seen some people get bored with it. The boredom won’t be immediate, but it will eventually happen.

      12. Burden of proof is on you. All you do is list subjective acclaims as accomplishments. It’s different from most games, so they called it revolutionary. But it’s not. Lego did it first. All it did was take Lego into the video game realm with lazy graphics. Not impressive. Like I says, heroin has a lot of buyers. Doesn’t make it great.

      13. You said Steve was more iconic or on par with actual legends. The acclaim it gets is because of its sales. If it wasn’t selling like crazy, it would just be another footnote with no acclaim. Therefore, the sales are the reason for your claim, and your original comment, which you steered so far away from for the majority of your rants. Mario of way out of Steve’s league. So are Mega Man and Pac Man and Cloud and on and on and on. The woman with the Chewbacca mask is suddenly well known. Does that make her an icon?

      14. So now you are saying what people will and won’t remember. Funny how that works. Are you psychic too? Let’s open up a detective agency. I’ll be Shawn. You can be Gus.

      15. Steve has zero accomplishments. The game Minecraft may have sold millions, but that’s not because of Steve. Steve has built things and run away from creepers. Whoopity doo.

      16. You want to talk about reading? You didn’t when read my part on the tree. I specifically stated that I wasn’t talking about the Great Deku Tree. You seem to be just skimming certain parts of my comments.

      As I said, I’ve given you plenty of evidence. My facts still stand. 😉

      1. Look, the two of you clearly aren’t going to come to an agreement on this issue. You both have made good points, but this argument has completely dissolved into “These are my feelings and these feelings = facts”.

        Could you two just agree to disagree and get on with your lives?

      2. 1. I’m not putting words into your mouth. I’m pointing out implications you are making. There is a difference.
        2. You saying someone cannot read is calling them illiterate. I also have no problem with the fact you insulted me, I’m just pointing out it shows desperation on your part. Trust me, I’ve had death threats thrown at me IRL because of my ethnicity.
        3. Alright, fair enough. I’ll give you that.
        4. Solitaire didn’t start out as a video game, it’s a card game. And one of the most famous, legendary ones out there I might add. Calling that legendary would be like calling a video game adaption of Monopoly legendary. This doesn’t disprove any point I have made.
        5. No they aren’t. They are trying to run for it, which is something any country can do. There is a difference. That is also an obvious research fail on your part and an obvious desperation move.
        6. Lots of older games have more critical acclaim than Minecraft. I was just pointing something out. Nothing you say’s going to change the fact Minecraft has more critical acclaim than every Mega Man game, Final Fantasy VII and Pac-Man. Stop letting your salt cloud your judgement.
        7. To claim Minecraft has no substance is laughable considering how much stuff you can do in the game. You can do an awful lot in Minecraft. You’d know this if you actually decided to play the game for yourself.
        8. I never said anything about the combat system, and the combat system isn’t why the game is so heavily regarded as legendary. I’ve explained what makes Minecraft seen as legendary already, and you have made no effort to refute any claim I’ve made
        9. A game’s combat system has zero effect on how badass a character is seen. Look at Kirby, there are people who find him bad-ass and the combat system there is incredibly basic. People find Kirby because of what he accomplishes in his games, same reason why some people find Steve bad-ass, because of what he accomplishes in his games. You can list every single reason why you find Steve lame to me dude, still doesn’t change the fact people are going to find him bad-ass. Because it’s all SUBJECTIVE.
        10. It’s funny because Samus is also an avatar character, and Mario doesn’t qualify because he has a personality. More desperation on your part here.
        11. I’ve explicitly stated Minecraft is showing no signs of slowing down popularity wise anytime soon. And I have evidence to back up my claim, neither of us can predict the future, but my viewpoint is backed with evidence. Where is the evidence no one will care for Minecraft in the future?
        12. Just because Steve has no personality doesn’t automatically make him lame. Link doesn’t have any personality either, does that make him lame? Answer is either yes or no depending on who you ask, because it’s SUBJECTIVE.
        13. Again, unless you have psychic abilities, or have evidence that proves no one will care for Steve in the future, you can’t use this argument. Just because you’re incapable to getting attachment to him doesn’t mean there aren’t people out there who will. All these little kids you’re making fun of? They’ll grow up with all their fond memories of the adventures they went on in Minecraft in tact as Steve the avatar. They will see Steve as a bad-ass as a result. You don’t have to think Steve is a bad ass. I’m not asking you to think that. I’m just pointing out that Steve is not factually lame. It’s SUBJECTIVE.
        14. Five years is longer than many of the console generations. That’s PLENTY of time.
        15. People aren’t calling Minecraft revolutionary because it’s different. It’s because it annihilated a lot of rules of game design and still became successful. Oh, and the guy I quoted?, he’s an actual game developer, he actually has credentials. Have you ever made a game before? Doubt it. Therefore your opinion on that Minecraft isn’t revolutionary not only has no evidence backing it up, but it’s also completely worthless as you have zero credentials in the gaming industry. If you want your claim to be taken seriously, either enter game development and get a decent sized portfolio under your belt, provide evidence Minecraft isn’t revolutionary, or make an effort to refute my claims. Which one is it going to be? Burden of proof is on you, not me.
        16. I was listing an example, as you challenged my claim of course I was going to elaborate further. It’s not JUST sales that explains why Minecraft and Steve by extension are held in such high regard. It’s that an EVERY OTHER accomplishment I listed. Those accomplishments shit all over the entire Mega Man franchises accomplishments. He is, at bare minimun, above him.
        17. I already stated what Steve accomplishes in his game, and it’s a lot more than running away from creepers and building. Quit sidestepping my points dude, it’s getting really old.
        18. I knew you weren’t talking about the Great Deku Tree, you made a comparison him and a generic tree in your post. Still doesn’t change the fact your point doesn’t prove anything.

        And…everything I have said still stands. I have provided evidence backing my claims, so I have the right to say this. Until you provide evidence that refutes mine, this will remain the case.

        If you have any objections based on facts, not feelings I’d be happy to hear them! :)

        1. 1. You are putting words in my mouth and I already proved it. You’re just stretching one thing I said to equal another. Not caring about something is not the samecas forgetting. You are telling me what I intended. You can’t tell someone what is in their mind.

          2. You lied several times or you just failed to read what I wrote or you just choose to ignore what I wrote. I never one said people would forget him. Therefore, it is an insult for you to tell me what I said. You have no idea what is in my thought pattern, and to act like you do is arrogant.

          4. I’m well aware Solitarie started as a card game. Minecraft is basically Lego with a different name. So it applies.
          5. They have supporters though that actually would vote along their side. The U.N. as a whole is a joke.

          6. Critical acclaim. Like that means something. Gamers, not writers, would never put Minecraft above those games.

          7. I’ve watched others play. I don’t need to play myself. You build things. Not much else. No missions, sidequests, or real adventures. Not much in the way of exploration. It’s just a create your own world thing.

          8. “armour, weapons and equipment to be able to hold your own against them. ” Your words. Sounds like combat to me. Steve doesn’t accomplish a damn thing. He builds. He’s Bob the Builder in video game form with worse asset style and no personality. No words. Nothing.

          9. Kirby does things. He sucks people inn and gets powers. He goes on adventures. He has challenges. He is antagonists. There is a purpose to him. Steve has none of these.

          10. Samus is an avatar? You fail.

          11. Once again twisting my words. I said in ten or twenty years. Not now. And I didn’t say no one. I said the numbers would not be near what they are now. But please, continue to twist my words.

          12. Link has laughed and smiled. He gets mad. He had personality. And he does more then Bib the Builder does.

          13. More putting words in my mouth. When did I ever make fun of any kids? I said people enjoy the game several times. Me stating a character is lame doesn’t transfer to fans. Nice try though. Adventures? There is no story. They can pretend, but the game itself has no story or adventure.

          14. Five years is not plenty of time. People still post Starcraft and Worked of Warcraft.

          15. Oh. One guy says it is revolutionary. Wow! It isn’t. It is Lego in video game format. Candy Crush is revolutionary too I suppose? One does not need to make a video game to be able to judge one. Burden of proof is on you. You made the claim of him being more iconic or on par with legends. You have failed to prove this.

          16. You haven’t listed any accomplishments but some subjective awards. Mega Man shits all over Minecraft. He has like two dozen games. And people begging for more. One game compared to all the Mega Man games. Laughable.

          17. No. You haven’t listed accomplishments. Building and fighting a dragon and creepers. That’s it. Stop sidestepping that fact. It’s getting old.

          18. I didn’t compare the Great Deku Tree to anything. I showed that a basic tree could be bestowed with the iconic title by someone, but that doesn’t make it so.

          As someone else said, we aren’t going to change each other’s mind. So let’s just end it already. You can go build us a bar with Steve and I’ll buy the beers.

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