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Dennis Dyack Claims Failed Kickstarter Project ‘Shadow of the Eternals’ Is Alive Again

The title that was supposed to be the spiritual successor to the GameCube title Eternal Darkness, has now been claimed to be back up and running by developer Dennis Dyack. The title named Shadow of the Eternals, was a Kickstarter project that failed in 2013, and only the artwork and early in-engine demo were ever produced.

Although Eternal Darkness was developed in the now obsolete studio named Silicon-Knights, the Shadow of Eternals project was being made by a small studio co-founded by Dyack and was named Precursor Games. Unfortunately, the new game did not meet its Kickstarter funding goal of $1.5 million, which was also later reduced to $750,000, and the studio eventually called it quits in September 2013.

However, 2.5 years down the line, Dyack has now claimed that the project is back on track. Dyack now appears on YouTube on a channel named The Quantum Tunnel, and in the channel’s latest podcast Denis confirms that the title is alive again, although there’s not much to back it up at this time except a trailer posted yesterday. Check it out below:

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29 thoughts on “Dennis Dyack Claims Failed Kickstarter Project ‘Shadow of the Eternals’ Is Alive Again”

  1. “although there’s not much to back it up at this time except a trailer posted yesterday.”
    I would say that’s some pretty significant evidence to back it up. That’s a very involved trailer of game play.

      1. What is a vaporware list? Serious question.
        As for the trailer, I didn’t see this whole trailer, just the part of the two women talking. The gameplay I never saw until I saw it posted today on NintendoLife. Is that part not new? If it is old, that’s kind of annoying that I’m just now seeing that part haha.

        1. Games trapped in development hell that studios try to keep alive by sharing bits of info here and there. The Last Guardian or Duke Nukem Forever (until recently) are good examples. I’d add Zelda U to the list at this point.

          About the trailers, I’m sure I’ve already seen everything shown, including the part in thr chapel. Unless I’m suffering dejá vu, it’s not new footage.

          1. Ooh ok. Thanks for the info. You probably did see it. The only trailers I saw didn’t have the chapel. Probably different websites showing more footage or something.

          2. Nintendo owns Eternal Darkness. If Nintendo would just give the game to the right devs, we could get a nice little sequel. If Dyack’s willing, give him a job as Creative Consultant & a job that shouldn’t require him touching money for the project if he can’t be trusted in that area, to continue the story he probably wanted to tell but couldn’t for obvious reasons.

  2. Honestly, just let it go. Serioulsy. It has changed hands a couple of times now, and I doubt it’ll measure up to the original. It’s good to be invested in something, but this dedication could be used in a whole new game instead of in this pseudo-sequel.

  3. If this sequel to Eternal Darkness ends up being an NX launch exclusive along with Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Zelda NX…. Well NX could jump out of the gates as an unstoppable force. Fingers crossed.

  4. Hmm, seems nearly identical to the previous trailers from years back. Don’t get me wrong Eternal Darkness is one of my favorite games. But Dyack and company have a history of making really poor business decisions while games like Darkest Dungeon are offering on the promise of Lovecraftian-horror done right.

  5. I know Dyack gets a lot of shit for how he handled Silicon Knights at times, and he’s not sinless, but I think he gets way more shit than he deserves. I really hope this game gets made, because the original Eternal Darkness is a hidden gem.

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  7. If Nintendo would quit being idiots, they could easily give Eternal Darkness to the right developers & make a great sequel. Like I said awhile back on another article, I’ll even take a god damn HD remaster of the original game with updated models.

    1. If you can play it by any chance, I highly suggest giving it a try. If you like HP Lovecraft style horror, you should enjoy the game at least for the story & content.

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  9. I know it’s just a pipe dream, but I really want this game. I wish Nintendo would put funding behind it, though rumor has it they already had… and the project was canned for QA.

    Truth be told, after the last year of releases, the idea that Nintendo still cans anything for QA is becoming less and less believable.

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