YouTube Gaming And Geoff Keighley Team Up For E3 2016

The biggest gaming event of the year is taking place next month in Los Angeles and once again Geoff Keighley will be taking the reigns and covering the event on YouTube. This year Keighley will host a 12 hour stream starting at 9 a.m on June 13th but he will also be covering the conferences on Sunday and The Legend of Zelda event on the Monday. This time around it’s all in partnership with the recently launched YouTube Gaming which is getting its own E3 based hub which will have everything you will need to watch the conferences (minus food)

“I’m thrilled to be teaming up with YouTube again for live coverage of E3. Last year’s YouTube Live at E3 was the largest livestream of the year on YouTube in terms of audience, so we’re looking forward to building on that success for 2016 on June 13.”

“We wanted to build coverage of E3 that blends together TV production values with the passion and fandom of the top influencers,” Keighley said. “It feels like we’re connecting together multiple generations of gamers, and YouTube really puts an unparalleled amount of promotion behind the game industry during E3.  We’re not just talking to hardcore gamers — we’re reaching into the mainstream, too.”

“Even if they don’t have booths on the show floor, I know EA and Activision’s games will be well represented in and around the show,” he said. “At the end of the day, E3 — at least in the eyes of consumers — is really anchored by the press conferences, and all of those are still taking place as part of our global livestream.”

He added, “That said, I’ve been to every E3 since 1995, and this year’s show does feel like the end of an era. The game industry industry needs an event like E3, but the industry-only format feels antiquated. Look at how many people watch our livestream on YouTube — it’s clear there is massive consumer interest in gathering together to celebrate gaming.”



  1. well I am afraid the Euro 2016 starts on 12th and I will be busy between football games, work, family and video games. unless I watch the highlight while “watch” a boring game like Poland vs North of Ireland or Turkey vs Croatia.


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