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Video: GameXplain Analyzed The New Pokemon Sun & Moon Alola Trailer

GameXplain has recently uploaded a video that analyzed the new Pokemon Sun & Moon Alola trailer that Nintendo released today. In the video description, GameXplain says that they “take a closer look at the four main islands of Alola, highlight every special location, and try to determine the route players will take in the full game”. If you want to see their analysis, feel free to watch the video provided below.



    1. Uhh hello! I love game xplane because they r so smart and help mii bee smarter with games like pokeman because i love it! so xsited two wach this video! (: i love Alola! reminds Mii of Mexico

  1. I’m just glad Alola seems larger than recent regions; Unova was markedly smaller than Sinnoh (Though with a healthy amount of post-game content to make up for it, and B2/W2 made it much larger) and Kalos was just tiny (With barely any post-game content).
    It seems we’ll finally be seeing a region on par with Sinnoh and Hoenn.

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