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Burger King Toys Are Being Made Into Game Boy Colours

A talented individual has managed to turn the old school plastic Game Boy Colour toys into working Game Boys using a rather handy Raspberry Pi Zero device. With this installed it turns the toy into a working Game Boy that can play Game Boy Colour and Game Boy Advance titles as well as other games. The devices have been nicknamed “Game Boy Colour Nano.”



22 thoughts on “Burger King Toys Are Being Made Into Game Boy Colours”

              1. Ah yes. Old man I our battles should once again Strom this obsolete battlefield. I shall await you return my good Quadrabitch sir. And if your plotting to become a metal fatass with fucking cardboard upgrades then shame on you. I’ve already won…

  1. More information, I love little odd things like this and to be able to run little games is way awesome. I want one! Although, not very into Burger King…

  2. Usually as an American I get attacked online for not spelling “color” and other words with a “u”. Odd to be here and see American’s being shitty to the UK folk for writing their articles in their English. So basically people just nitpick about anything huh?

    Either way this would’ve been amazing back when I was a kid- we always dreamed of these things actually working. Even though I had a Game Boy Color at the time this kids meal toy would’ve been legendary.

  3. Voice Acting Nintendo Monarch: Lance Bulmer

    Bigger isn’t always better. But then again we are talking about a country that favors Sex and Sports over everything else

    pretty retarded if you ask me

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