RISE: Race The Future Developer Removes NX Logo

You may remember that a few weeks back RISE: Race The Future was announced by development studio VD-Dev Games. One of the interesting things about the trailer was the appearance of a placeholder Nintendo NX logo which has now mysteriously disappeared. It does seem as though the developer may have jumped the gun a little early and was informed by Nintendo to remove the logo. Here’s what the team had to say.

“We are sorry, but we can’t answer this question for now. We’ll communicate on the Nintendo NX when it’s launched next year.”

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  1. The two main reasons that come to mind are that they decided not to bring it to that platform or that the final name and logo for Nintendo’s next console will be revealed soon and it wouldn’t make sense to use a placeholder code name.

    1. It’s because the NX is just a code name and Nintendo doesn’t want it attached to anything like its an official name. And just from their response, it’s clear the game is still on the slate for the NX.

    2. i agree, people are quick to blame nintendo just because they make some bad decisions doesnt mean they will always make bad decisions. also some of their “bad” are not actually bad decisions like delaying the nx and zelda til 2017, sure im upset that the wii u ver. is delayed but a simultaneous wii u and nx release is a good thing like how they did with twilight princess.

  2. how are company’s going to make games for a system they know nothing about? so unless nintendo has like 10 launch games it’s going to have a barren first year

    1. We have no information on what the Nintendo NX is due to the effect of NDA– Non Disclosure Agreement. We’ll just have until Nintendo lifts the NDA and gives the official confirmation.

  3. I’m not surprised. It was like saying a game was being released for NINTENDO “Revolution” (code name for Wii) or “Cafe” (code name for WiiU) or “Dolphin” (code name for Gamecube).

    I’m sure Nintendo just wants to avoid any brand confusion when they reveal the actual name for the new platform, so they probably insisted the NX code name not be used for promotional media.

    The “Ulta 64” logo seen on some arcade cabinets in the late 90’s of games that eventually came to N64 was the last time I remember seeing code names used that way.

  4. So, like Dragon Quest, this seems to be another case of Nintendo making a dev go quiet on an NX project because they don’t want any active projects announced (or in the case of yet-to-be informed 3rd-parties, worked on) before whenever that “later in the year NX presentation) is.

  5. Of course they should remove it. That’s false advertisement. They can’t promise to release a game on a product that could even be a freaking cheese grater because there aren’t any confirmed specs yet.

    1. Start by going to the game on the e-shop page and scroll ALL the way down to the bottom. There should be a button that says “Repair”. Try it and it will look for errors. If it finds the problem, it might fix it. If it says it sees no errors, tell it to re-download anyway. It should fix the problem.

      … if THAT doesn’t work, delete all files related to the game, including save/extra data, and start over.

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