Nintendo UK Boss Leaves Company

Nintendo UK boss Simon Kemp, who replaced David Yarnton back in 2012, has announced that he’s leaving the company to pursue other opportunities. His temporary replacement Stephan Bole, who is senior managing director for European subsidiaries, will take over until a new boss is found for the company. Nintendo UK has had quite a few departures in recent months and years. Let’s hope a successor is found soon.

“Simon has performed the role of general manager of Nintendo UK since November 2012. Nintendo would like to take this opportunity to thank Simon for his services to Nintendo UK and to wish him every success in his choice of new career.”


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  1. Best case scenario, this guy was holding Nintendo UK back in some way & this departure will only help them improve. Worst case scenario, Nintendo hasn’t learned a god damn thing from Wii U & NX is just more of the same bullshit so this guy got out before the shit hit the fan! *hopes for the best case scenario*

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