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Just Dance Confirmed For Nintendo NX, Wii And Wii U

Ubisoft has announced today that the next iteration of their popular Just Dance franchise will be coming to the Nintendo NX in 2017. Just Dance 2017 will feature a number of iconic pop tracks that you’ll have no choice but to boogie on down too. The game will also be released on the Wii and Wii U in October.

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12 thoughts on “Just Dance Confirmed For Nintendo NX, Wii And Wii U”

    1. Wii’s user base and demography fit pretty well for casual, party games. Ubi wants to take advantage of that.

  1. YAY!

    Let’s celebrate the beginning of the stream of 3rd-party support coming towards Nintendo consoles!

  2. This confirms only one thing. Wii remotes must be compatible with NX unless they made some new form of motion controls. What it doesn’t confirm is 3rd party support from Ubisoft. They’ve always supported Wii and Wii U with Just Dance and that’s it!

  3. Just like to point out that the Wii controller probably WON’T be compatible with the NX.
    Since you can already use your phone as a controller. Another fun fact is that at the trailers very end it said NX. Now I’m actually thinking Nintendo is just gonna leave it as it is. So our new Console next year is just the NX. Anf to be honest I’m quite fine woth that.

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