Reminder: Nintendo Will Appear on YouTube Gaming At E3 Today

On Saturday, we posted the YouTube Live at E3 schedule, and the live stream is now well underway.

We’re posting this reminder that the Nintendo slot will be coming up at 5:30–6 PM ET / 10:30 PM BST and has promised to feature special guests. You can check out the link here.

What it will entail is yet to be revealed, but with Miyamoto and Aunoma being spotted at the event today, we may hopefully see an appearance from them.



    1. Seriously! I’m sick of calling it Zelda U & I damn sure don’t want to start having to call it Zelda U/NX for the next so & so months til release! GIVE ME A FUCKING NAME ALREADY!!!

      1. ||You truly are becoming a full blooded Sonyan…as their attention span is as limited…like a Goldfish with brain injuries…||

  1. I’d be excited to see these two people in person. That’s awesome.

    I’m surprised there’s not more comments on this site. Maybe everyone’s watching Apple Keynote speech at WWDC2016. *spoiler- it was underwhelming.

  2. Good to know we still have a chance of something groundbreaking to be announced.
    Because, to be honest, after that Microsoft event, they’re gonna need it to keep up.

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