Crash Bandicoot Is Coming To Wii U Via Skylanders Imaginators

Activision has revealed that Crash Bandicoot will be playable on Wii U via Skylanders Imaginators. The publisher’s upcoming toys-to-life title allows players to take control of the iconic gaming mascot. In the game, Crash can jump on TNT Crates to blow them up, collect a Bazooka Crate to obtain a rocket launcher, use a jetpack to attack from high in the air and employ his signature spinning attack. Skylanders Imaginators is on track to launch in October for multiple platforms, including Wii U.



      1. Actually, no. They’re “remastering” them. Two very, VERY different things. It won’t be a remake along the lines of Ratchet earlier this year. Knowing Activision, it’ll just be upscaled and that’s it. Big slap in the face to Crash fans.

          1. I don’t recall Activision or Sony saying that. I highly doubt they’re remaking all 3 games from the ground up lol. This is Activision we’re talking about…

            1. They did say that, it was literally the first thing they said and I quote “Crash Bandicoot 1, 2, and Warped are all being remastered from the ground up!” I’m paraphrasing, but you get the idea.

              1. Nevermind. I must have temporarily zoned out since I heard the word “remaster.” Still, I wonder why they didn’t say “remake”. I don’t trust Activision so I’m not getting my hopes up.

                  1. Well if it’s a true remake and done well, then I have no complaints. The original 3 games are great. I would’ve preferred something new, but the original games are so old now that I’m content with remakes.

                    1. They’re remaking Crash instead of making a new game to see if the fans of Skylanders that they’re introducing to Crash by including him in Imaginators – and the old Crash fans – will be digging the remakes at all. If it does well, then they’ll make a new game. Sony is smart, trust me. Especially with how they’ve been handling things as of lately.

        1. Nooooo that’s BULL.

          Why is everyone saying that? Why are ill-informed people like you spreading this bullshit?

          No, Shawn Layden said “Remastered from the ground up” which means a FULL REMAKE, like Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire being “remastered from the ground up” a.k.a “remastered from scratch” a.k.a REMADE ENTIRELY – to Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. The only reason it won’t be like Ratchet & Clank is because that was a reboot, aside from that, it’s basically getting the exact same treatment.

          Please, get your facts straight first man (or woman, *TRIGGER WARNING*). These comments really irritate me because now you’re spreading false information among Crash fans like myself who have been waiting for this.

      2. Game developers are so fucking lazy nowadays. All they do is either make unfinished games and sell parts of it as DLC or just do countless remakes. Greed is a plague among this industry I swear.

        1. Not lazy, just poor. Game development nowadays costs a shit ton of money and most developers can’t afford that, since they’d literally have to seel a few million copies of each game to make any profits. That’s the sole reason why DLC and remasters are so prominent nowadays.

        2. ||This is the result…of all of your hypocrisy…since you all do the same…with the Xbot and Sonyan corruption…||

            1. ||Your consoles…are nothing special…caters only to the simple minded…and primitives…||

              ||Specially the Xbot disease…||

              1. Oh yeah and the Wii U is just groundbreaking and innovative. So innovative that they have to ditch it for a console that will actually appeal to gamers. It’s about as innovative as someone shaping their 3DS in half. Yet you simple minded bafoons defended it, and now….look at what its become.

                1. ||The result doesn’t matter…only the games worth it…||

                  ||But your inability to open your minds…leads to hatred overall…regardless of reasons…ergo…you’re not true Nintendo fans…and never were…||

                  1. Hey, Quadradus!

                    The fanboy speech does not fit you well. You’ve used to be more like a realistic guy, at least after E3 2015.

                    1. ||My system was damaged…now it’s back to perfect mode…my logic is undeniable…||

                  2. Games? You mean the ones that the Wii U lack? The Wii U is always missing out so don’t give me that bs. Actually, why even bother getting the new Zelda game on Wii U, its coming out for the NX anyways.

                    And hatred? No its rage, what other games besides Zelda Nintendo is showing? Exactly.

                    1. ||Missing out on the same rehashed formulas…no true loyalist will miss those…||

                      ||And I’m talking about all great weaponry on the Wii U…that your rage or whatever you call it are oblivious towards…||

                1. It’s all about games, and the Wii U has in my opinion the best exclusives, which is obviously subjective. But my question is, if you don’t like the Wii U, why did you bother clicking on the article or even this site?

    1. No. There will be a PlayStation exclusive Crash bundle but the figure will eventually be sold separately and will work on all platforms.

  1. Not sure if this is coming to Wii U and Xbox One as it seems this is PS4 exclusive.

    Anyways, even if it’s coming, the real, original games are being remastered to PS4. (In addtion, a plethora of games are coming to both PS4 and Xbox One — PC also –, but not for the Wii U.

    (By the way, during E3, Microsoft and Sony have done a decent job in promoting and hyping up their consoles, and upcoming next boxes. While in Nintendoland… Today is the day for them. It’s hit or miss. For real.)

    That means if one wants to have a wide array of games to play, one cannot go for Wii U only. There is a need of having one more console alongside — this is sad.

    1. In case you forgot all the Nintendo news this year, here’s a quick reminder – Nintendo is moving on from the Wii U. It’s very clear they’re focusing all of their development on the NX, making sure it has a good launch, and seemingly trying to right their wrongs. Their whole focus this year at e3 is on Zelda. So I’d set your expectations accordingly.

      1. I didn’t forget anything, and I’ve been setting my expectations accordingly for a long, long time — you don’t need to remind me of that.

        In case you forgot all the common sense that life requires, Nintendo’s situation is Nintendo’s fault. They are the ones to better manage their business. Fill an entire E3 with one Zelda game, one Pokémon and some indie games is not intelligent at all.

        1. Of course it’s their own fault. I never stated it wasn’t. However, if they feel they aren’t prepared to showcase their new system or games, or that simply another time would be more appropriate, it’s better to wait. The last thing they need is a lackluster presentation, or being overshadowed by another conference. Which is exactly why there’s no digital event. We all know how terrible it was for them last year. NX’s reveal NEEDS to be great.

          1. They at least could do a little overwiew on the NX, or even mention it briefly, like Microsoft did on the XBox One S. Also, does it hurt to show what games are in the works for the NX, or at least, somo of them? Of course, if March 2017 is the release date for it, a number of titles must be about ready to go as of today.

            E3 is the perfect moment to build hype and increase the mindshare.

            But I agree with you, in the end of the day. Nintendo always play safe. But let’s remember that not taking risks is a risk itself — they will never learn this simple lesson.

  2. At the same time, I’m happy and fucking scared about this

    I’m happy that Crash is back BUT if this is to give him the same fate Spyro had for this game (He’s in for this episode then is fucking forgotten for the rest of the series), I won’t need that

    1. You can use Spyro in all of the games. o_O Not only that but new versions of Spyro came out with the first four games. So far only the most recent entry, Superchargers, hasn’t had its own version of him.

  3. I wake up and the first words I read is crash bandicoot coming to Wii U. My heart pounded in excitement as i read more and realize its a skylander game ._. Brb… I’m crying

  4. Nobody was clapping when they mention Skylanders LOL. That’s right. Clap to the all mighty & Only him Self, CRASH BANDICOOT!!!, Next we need Spyro back!!! Remastered please…. None of that Skylanders shit

  5. He definitely looks way better in game than in his character art, but I find that tends to be the case with a whole bunch of Skylanders. Not sure I’ll be buying a PS4 within the next year with all my top tier student paychecks going towards macaroni and coffee, but I’ll definitely grab that Crash figure. I’d gladly knock out a few kids if it meant getting the last one in the store lol

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