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Pokemon Sun and Moon Introduces A Refreshed Battle Interface & Battle Royal Mode

Game Freak has introduced a refreshed battle interface for Pokemon Sun and Moon in order to make it more accessible for newcomers. While the fancy new camera angles allow fans to see much more of the battle surroundings than ever before, the touchscreen interface has also had a small upgrade. Move sets now pop up in the forefront of the touchscreen, while the background options remain darkened, keeping it fluid. And for those new to the series, there’s also an easy on-screen option to find out exactly what the move does before using it in battle. Plus, a new white Pokeball icon will represent the critter’s evolution showing that it isn’t fully complete when captured in the Pokedex, giving players encouragement to catch them all once again.

Pokemon director Junichi Masuda also revealed during the Twitch gameplay stream a brand new game mode called Battle Royal, where four players face off against one another in an epic showdown. Pokemon Sun and Moon will launch for Nintendo 3DS worldwide on November 18, 2016.


7 thoughts on “Pokemon Sun and Moon Introduces A Refreshed Battle Interface & Battle Royal Mode”

  1. Man, they sure did drag out that Pokemon gameplay. A simple trailer could have literally said everything new that they showed in under 3 minutes.

  2. I recommend that the artwork for sun and moon did take alot of time to develop the game and the new region that is base on Hawaii. I have to agree that the pokemon company did manage to bring us new features of Pokemon sun and moon.

    1. Yay! It returns! And it will hopefully stay this time. But since this is GameFreak, I won’t hold my breathe.

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