Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Will Have Villages To Explore

Despite some publications reporting that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild won’t feature towns,  Eiji Aonuma has confirmed to IGN that the game will feature various villages scattered throughout the vast land you’re able to explore. Here’s what he said.

“I can’t share too much about villages because to tell you how the villages work, they’re interconnected to the story and overall world.”



  1. ||Now the brainless cattle masses can be silent…their primitive cerebros cannot handle 3 dimensional thinking…not even 2 dimensions when examining closer… ||

  2. And to believe people were going to abandon ship because there will be no fucking towns in the game.

    So now you all know and stop coming up with excuses that the game is ruined.

  3. It’s a shame they haven’t been showing this stuff. It would make the Treehouse streams much more interesting than standing or running around in circles in small parts of the (presumed) starting area, clumsily taking on bokoblins in cringe-worthy fashion, goofing off aimlessly with exploding barrels, and a bit of Amiibo shenanigans, AKA 80% of the stream so far. I get that they don’t want to spoil the experience, but man, I hope they’ll at least show a bit of stuff like what we’ve seen in the reveal/VGA footage/new trailers and/or parts of a later, more complex shrine/dungeon.

  4. I think villages well still be like towns, but I think it well be more like skyrim were no one town holds importance over others, but rather each village has its own thing going on.
    also I think each village well be like skyrim where it has a lot of the same shops/ taverns/government and other such buildings. but they well offer different things by which village your in.

    1. Maybe. But there is nothing that leads one to believe that to be true other than just going off of what other games by other developers have done in the past.

  5. Finally! Now I don’t have to worry about seeing any more comments from people worried about the lack of villages to visit in the game.

  6. Even though its not a big deal, I’m glad its confirmed. No villages would make this game feel a little lonely. It a stupid reason, but the lack of civilization is what turned me off to Minecraft’s survival mode ^^;

      1. Good point. Before this E3, who honestly expected there to be cliff climbing, jumping when WE want to, can’t find rupees & hearts in grass when we cut them, and so on?

        1. If someone other than Nintendo had told us 6 months ago that all of the shit they revealed at E3 was going to be in the game, would any of us have honestly believed that person for one second!? I know I wouldn’t have! This new Zelda game is an honest surprise. It kind of does make up for the lack of Nintendo developed games at E3. And I’m one of the people that was dreading E3 2016 and saying it was going to be a total failure of an event worse than E3 2015. @.@

  7. What does that mean?? I bet the only similar thing to a village we will see is some sort of robotic technology that gets reactivated by Link… So the same thing that pissed me off about Skyward Sword.. I want villages and people to interact as in Ocarina of time, Majora’s Mask, Wind Walker… etc I loved the towns created on the Twilight princess…. It is a classic to find same or similar characters from saga and doing mission with them.. PLEASE WE WANT TOWNS WITH PEOPLE TO INTERACT!!!

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