Reggie Fils-Aime Says That VR Needs To Hit The Mainstream Before Nintendo Uses It

Virtual reality is quickly growing as a platform, but according to Reggie Fils-Amie, that isn’t enough to satisfy Nintendo yet. Reggie says that, although Nintendo has “followed VR since the days of the Virtual Boy”, virtual reality hasn’t reached the point where it has hit the mainstream and mass market. Once it does, then will Nintendo use it. Reggie feels, based on his own personal judgement, that the mainstream point is still “a far ways off”.



          1. Sony actually surprisingly will have a few potentially viable games that will be supporting VR, such as FF XIV and Star Wars Battlefront, among others.

            1. I didn’t see the entire Sony conference. Did they show any games that will be solely for VR? Playing console games like Battlefront and FF on VR sounds pretty cool, but since they can be played without it, they don’t make me feel like I “need” the PSVR.

              1. Resident Evil 7 biohazard supports full VR, back as you say, it can be played without it.

                What stood out in my opinion is Batman: Arkham VR from Rocksteady, and it’s supposed to be a PlayStation VR exclusive.

              2. Batman is a solo title for VR. Resident Evil 7 is a solo VR game. It can be played without VR as well. Games out now are already going to support VR.

                I’m sorry but Reggie is showing me multiple thing.

                1. Nintendo clearly is going to have a weaker console AGAIN out of Xbox and PlayStation.

                2. Nintendo is talking out there ass

                3. Nintendo has already failed in this market with Virtual Boy.

                4. Reggie said this exact same comment in 2015 E3 when they asked him about VR. They said they don’t see a market for it and they’ll wait for it to become mainstream.

                Dude, if porn is on VR then it’s hitting mainstream. Nintendo, get with the fucking times.

                1. Ummmm ok.

                  1. Absolutely nothing is “clear” about NX. Literally the only confirmed information we have on it is that the new Zelda game will be a launch title.

                  2. Example?

                  3. The Virtual Boy can not be classified as VR. It wasn’t even close. It was stereoscopic 3D that you wore on your head. Nintendo actually did eventually succeed with stereoscopic 3D in the form of the 3DS.

                  4. This only shows that Nintendo has the same viewpoint now as they did then, which makes sense since between then and now VR has not yet been released onto the console market.

                  5. Porn is in a completely seperate field as video games. Just because one becomes successful, it doesn’t mean the other will. VR has not yet been tested in the vide game console market. There is no knowing if it will be a success or not. Nintendo is being careful, as they should be.

                  1. Ubisoft already stated that Nintendo is trying to capture the Wii you crowd. The Wii crowd was casual gamers. Sounds gimmicky.


                    Reggie has been saying the same shit for years, bro. And Virtal Boy was a take on VR and 3D.


                    VR is cheap now. Samsung is giving you VR headsets for free with a Samsung phone. I got mine for free and the price is at 100. Everyone is pushing VR.


                    Even frigging roller coasters? Movies? Games? Everyone is pushing VR regardless of field.

                    And Nintendo is not careful, dude. If they were, they wouldn’t have taken a risk with Wii, Wii U, and with NX, because NX is trying to imitate what Wii and Wii U brought. Again, Nintendo continues to do the same thing over and over: produce old shit.

                    1. Since when is Ubisoft an official spokesman for Nintendo? Whatever they said is not officially verified.

                      Explain to me how the virtual boy was VR. It had no head movement tracking and no 3D audio. It involved playing games in 3D. When you watch a movie in 3D do you call that virtual reality?

                      I mentioned VR not being tested on the console market. What Samsung is doing for their mobile devices has nothing to do with video game consoles. Yeah everyone is pushing VR, but that doesn’t equate to it being tested on the console market. Just because VR succeeds in one market, it doesn’t mean it’ll succeed in all markets.

                      “Risk with Wii”? The Wii was a huge financial success. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Nintendo knew that they had a great idea with the Wii and they knew exactly how to market it to bring people in. They had faith in it for good reason. I guarantee they didn’t see that move as a risk.
                      They didn’t see it as taking a risk with theWii U either. Nintendo thought that they could follow up on the success of the Wii with a similar console. They didn’t think it was a risk. They thought they had another great idea. Unfortunately it didn’t work out.

                    2. Dude, this is Nintendo. They operate at their own drums with sounds that no one can hear expect themselves. And it was pretty clear, despite what Ubi says or not, Nintendo is going for casual gamers. Period. That was their goal for Wii, Wii U and NX. Iwata is the one who pushed that goal, and they’ve stated that they are still following that goal and dream he had.

                      Samsung has hit the gaming market. It doesn’t matter if it is a dedicated system or not. The fact is, VR is becoming mainstream. Nintendo just fails to see that because they are going to connect their NX to mobile, an old idea and already saying Nintendo is behind the curve.

                      The Wii was a risk. GameCube didn’t do well as they hoped and that system was the more powerful systems of the Xbox, and PlayStation. Wii was a huge risk as they left the dedicated gamers for the casual market. That was the risk. They left their core gamers for a different demographic of gamers who don’t play games. It was a hit! Wii U tried to do this as well. Two screens was not a hit. It was a risk. Every system in general is a risk. Microsoft still hasn’t been making money on Xbox. They’ve wasted billions on the system, and while systems are making profits, they haven’t added up still to what money Microsoft has spent on the brand. Sony just got their money back 3 years after the ps3. Those are risk, brother.

                      You clearly are going off your love for Nintendo and I can argue with you and call you a Nintendo fanboy or just point out clear facts. Nintendo has made horrible moves since SNE. Some good with good outcomes and some bad. N64 example: cartridges which were too much money for companies. Disk was the future. Nintendo took the Wii to see that. Mobile is killing handhelds and digital is the move. Nintendo took forever to adapt and took risk with their handhelds still. 3DS is slowly being phased out despite a long range of amazing games because mobile is cheaper and now gives you controller options. Nintendo just saw that. They are very old-school in a bad way. They are off and NX sounds like bad if they are trying to attack families with casual games like Wii. Why? Cause casual gamers are just that, casual. They aren’t what drive the market like what is driving Sony and Xbox, and mostly just Sony and their PlayStation. It’s their core gamers. Period. Nx is not an assumption, it sounds like a possible risk and failure.

                    3. Nintendo has said that the NX will not be the next Wii U, and they haven’t said who they’re targeting with it. So how can you say it’s clear what their goal is for the NX when they already said it’ll be a break away from the Wii and Wii U?

                      Show me some numbers on Samsung’s VR strategy. Show me that you know for certain it’s going to be a huge success and not just a fad and I’ll recind my arguement about that.

                      If you put it like that then yeah that’s just saying that all business investments are a risk. This is common sense. The point that I was trying to make is that I don’t think Nintendo saw the Wii as a big risk. I think they knew it would do well.

                      I am not going off my love for Nintendo. In fact I have not praised Nintendo once in any of my comments. I’ve only stated what seems apparent. And don’t even dream of calling me a fanboy. I have called Nintendo out on many mistakes in the past and I own consoles from all three big publishers. But you’ve been talking about the NX and the direction Nintendo’s going in with it like you already know exactly what it is and how it’s going to perform. The fact is you have no solid data to back up your thoughts on the NX. You’re going off of what you’ve seen in the last two generations. Even Nintendo representitives have admitted the mistakes they made with the Wii and Wii U.

                    4. Bro, I know you want NX to be a success and I wish that it would, but let’s be real and see the truth. Nintendo tried is going to try to hit success and they see that as casual gamers. And NX is going to be a connect to mobile to do it. That’s hitting casual gamers and what Wii and Wii u did. You know why nx won’t be a successor to Wii u? Because Wii u didn’t attract anything or one. Not casual and not core. Nintendo doesn’t give a fuck about core gamers anymore dude. Just see that. They don’t wanna go competing with VR against Sony or other companies. Should they do it? Maybe. Do they have the ip for it. Yess! Will they do it because they want to focus on an old model now with mobile? Yes. Dudes are old farts man. Dudes can’t even name systems right. The new 3ds and not the 3ds. There’s no play like it. Do you see what I’m showing you? There’s no faith in Nintendo’s own company. They are downhill tubing with out a tube or snowboard or even fucking snow. When the system is shown, put yourself out there on here. Us going back and forth isn’t going to get us know where, but best believe when you see their model, you’ll first get hyped and then see how right I was. Nintendo is a shell of themselves right now. And I’ve seen this before. N64 days, GameCube days. Wii U days. Too many patterns say the same thing

                    5. *sigh* I ask for facts and figures and solid data, and I continue to get opinions. I’ve had enough of this. I’m gonna take advice from the Mathnawi.

                      “O counselor, don’t give the seed of wisdom to a fool.”

              3. The Battlefront game that is coming to VR is exclusively for VR. It’s not the same game that came out last year. It’s called X-Wing Mission.

                There are tons of good looking games. Look at my reply to Stardust for just a few.

          2. Resident Evil 7, Robinson: The Journey, Batman VR, Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing Mission, EVE Valkyrie, Detroit: Become Human, How We Soar, Rigs, Eagle Flight, Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Gran Turismo Sport, DriveClub, Project Cars, Ace Combat, Final Fantasy XV, and Farpoint are just a few I’m looking forward to playing with PS VR.

            There are a ton of great looking titles just on PS VR itself. There are a bunch of others on things like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift too.

        1. The PS4 has a 40 million console install base. So it’s only $750+ if you’re the only idiot buying a new console and the headset together.

          It’s meant to be an add-on platform for people who already have the PS4.

          1. How exactly does it make you an idiot to buy both of them together? I’m sure VR is a feature that will convince plenty of people to buy a new PS4.

            1. It really shouldn’t be. That’s the point. It’s meant to supplement the PS4. If you’re getting a PS4 just for VR, you likely aren’t much of a gamer, probably are fickle, and won’t enjoy it very much or for long. The PS4 has far more convincing reasons to pick up without VR.

              1. I’m not suggesting that anybody’s gonna buy PS4 just for VR. But if somebody’s debating whether to get an Xbox One or PlayStation VR could be the deciding factor.

                1. Your initial comment inferred something else altogether saying that if people want the PSVR it will cost them $750+ and that nobody was going to do that.

                  Maybe I just misunderstood. But the way it was worded seemed to suggest that.

    1. As much buzz as VR is creating right now, it’s still just something that resonates with the most involved gamers, not the mass gaming market. And that’s something not even Sony will be able to achieve with the PS VR. until VR becomes more cost efficient, way more simplified and mobile (not tied down by a million cables) only them will it become mainstream

      1. I hate to say this, but the mainstream people where I work seemed more than excited than me (a gamer) about a gear vr the other day. I think Reggie is mistaken, and this would be the perfect moment to do VR. Still I also don’t feel it necessary.

    2. Eh… I think the fact the Samsung S7 Edge comes with a VR headset is moreso making it mainstream….

    1. I think it’ll last a lot longer than the old VR fad did, but the novelty of VR will wear out eventually, just like motion controls eventually wore off (I never hear anything about Kinect, PlayStation Move, or the Wiimote anymore).

          1. Controls have less implications than VR. Movies are already being filmed in VR. It’s being used in science and medical fields. The tech and entertainment industry as a whole is moving forward with this. It’s not just one or two companies pushing gimmicks. It’s going to become a new standard.

            The first few iterations of VR might not be the best but it will evolve. It’s just like HD, online gaming, etc. It’s the next step. The next evolution in entertainment, science, and technology.

  1. I feel like there’s one main thing VR needs: Good Games

    It doesn’t matter how awesome it is or how many tech demos it gets, I want proper experiences with VR. A perfect example is being able to play Metroid Prime on dolphin with the Oculus Rift, now we’re talking!

      1. But not fun and deep games. I want proper games that aren’t just cool because they are VR, I want games that are cool because they are well designed, with VR adding to the experience

  2. VR is a fad. Look at motion controls, Nintendo started it, Sony dropped it, Microsoft is axing the kinect, and Nintendo seems to be pushing away from it. VR is just too expensive at this time and clunky. Nintendo is smart to not touch VR. Let Microsoft and Sony fail hard with VR.

  3. nah i dont think the mainstream can not fit on the NX and the virtual boy is not one of the best choice that people can buy so im not satisfied for this statement because the virtual boy is just nothing but empty waste of development.

  4. VR has to be established before Nintendo uses it, huh?

    Where was that logic when they pioneered motion controls with the Wii?

    *sigh* I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- Reggie has got to go. Either he is just as out of touch as the rest of Nintendo, or he’s become a puppet, and I don’t just mean the Reggie puppet from last year’s E3.

    1. Nintendo had a good idea on their hands with motion controls and they knew it. They knew exactly how to market the idea and they knew they would attract people with it. The Wii was a huge financial success as a result, and the other two companies followed up with their own iterations. You can’t blame Nintendo for not having as much confidence in VR. It’s a completely untested field with a high price point attached to it.

  5. That’s a smart move. The fact that a PSVR set is $400, and it doesn’t even include the required PS camera (a value of $45) or the PS4 necessary to power it, is enough to make people hesitate about buying it. On top of that, we have no idea what kind of quality the dedicated VR games will be. Investing in VR would cost a lot of money and it’s very possible that it won’t take off.

    1. I already have a camera and move controllers. I just need the headset.

      I’ve played quite a few of the VR games and demos and they are very impressive. I was a skeptic until I tried them and now I’m a huge advocate.

      No way you can even begin to judge until you try it. I suggest trying a game on the Rift or PS VR to anyone.

      1. I haven’t judged anything yet. I’m only saying that Nintendo is smart for not investing in VR until they know for certain that it will be worthwhile.

        1. I think they’re just more afraid of making the same mistake from the past.

          The tech and entertainment industry as a whole, not just one or two companies, not just gaming, is moving forward with VR.

  6. He has a good point. When a headset that doesn’t serve as a standalone console is $400, it’s not going to be something most parents get their kids. Even for Christmas it’s a stretch. I thought about maybe getting the Sony headset, but none of the games look like they really make the VR worth it.

    1. Is that why gaming VR headsets are selling out everywhere? Pre-orders have been sold out and they’re already having a hard time keeping up with demand/manufacturing enough for release.

      1. They are having a hard time keeping up with pre-orders because there is a very limited quantity of the product being made. The rift or the vive are not being manufactured in the millions Especially the Oculus Rifts being a kickstarter project. The thing has to sell thousands, even millions to be a success in Sony’s case. Sony is really gambling here. Also, knowing how they dropped the vita because of low sales makes people unsure of getting a PS VR because if it does not meat Sony’s expectations, they will just drop it like they did with their handheld. That’s another thing to consider. I won’t be an “early adopter”. If it becomes successful and I see it is here to stay, I may get a set but now that it is in “uncharted waters”, untested market territory.

  7. Yeah just like they waited for HD to become mainstream and by the time Wii U came out it was a generation behind? I mean, I like Nintendo just as much as the next guy but some of their practices are questionable.

    1. Considering companies are having a hard time keeping up with demand and several whole industries are moving forward using it, doesn’t seem so, so far.

      This isn’t just a movement by one or two companies. Film, medicine, science, gaming, tech, etc. They’re all going forward with VR. It’s the next step in immersive interactive entertainment and so on.

  8. I think Reggie is right.
    Even if many people are impressed by VR it does not mean that it will be successful.

    I really like to try VR out, but the costs are way too high at the moment.
    And I don’t even know if i would be able to use it right, because of my glasses.

    For me it is like 3D movies.
    Sometimes you are impressed, but i would rather watch them without the 3D effect.
    I guess that effect could happen with VR too for me at least.

    Maybe I will have the chance to try it out one day and it will changed my mind.

  9. I’m not sure how old most of you but the price of entry for vr is not that bad for adults with good jobs. I’m don’t know if gaming is ready for vr yet but I don’t think vr itself is a fad this time. The science and medical communities especially are really using vr in creative and interesting ways. Anyone that experienced the last vr outing in the mid 90’s knows that the experience is much much better this time around.

    1. Well for me personally the price really wouldn’t be an issue. I can afford it; but unfortunately (and I have no solid data to back this up) I think I’m in the minority when it comes to having an extra $450 to spend on VR. And even so, I have to ask myself if it’s actually worth it to spend that much money on an extra peripheral. $450 is quite a bit of money.

  10. While others are having a hard on for VR, I’m hating every second of it because Resident Evil 7 is forcing first person bullshit so it can be VR friendly. If first person is the future because of VR, I’ll be one of the first to give up on video games because I prefer my 3rd person view. I like to actually see my character. Otherwise, alternate costumes & games where different armor changes your character’s outfit and games that let us create our character from scratch will become pointless. When VR allows for 3rd person gaming, then I’ll be less against it.

  11. Ubisoft Eagle looks fun in VR and Sony has plenty of VR titles….. CALL OF DUTY IS GONNA BE PLAYABLE IN VR FOR PETES SAKE!!!!! if thats not mainstream….but nothing is good enough for nintendo…… *sigh* they never do anything good for the fans just tell us to wait for greatness adn deliver us sub-par material and act like its pretty great.

    1. You’ll be able to play every single game with the VR headset with a certain mode but not every game is a VR game. Call of Duty isn’t built for VR although you can still use it with the VR headset. The way the trailer came on right after the VR segment threw some people off. It’s not a VR game.

  12. I’m guessing mostly everyone that is hating VR either hasn’t used it or just can’t afford it. Probably the latter since everyone keeps talking about it’s price.

    1. I’m glad you said “mostly everyone” because I’m not hating on VR for either of those reasons although price is a good reason to hate on it because not everyone can afford those prices currently. There is a reason 4kTVs haven’t gone mainstream yet. VR, if pushed too quickly too fast, could really fuck them over if they mass produce it into the millions & only sell a few hundred. My main concern is what if VR means the death of 3rd person games. *thinks about Resident Evil 7 being 1st person only to accommodate VR* :/

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