The GM Of Nintendo Canada Says That News On The NX Will Come This Fall

E3 2016 has been a busy one, despite the focus on Zelda. However, the NX is still fresh on everyone’s minds, despite Nintendo stating that it would not be at E3. However, Nintendo of Canada GM Pierre-Paul Trepanier took a moment to address the NX, saying that “we’ll talk about the NX this fall”. At that time, it will be “100% NX”.



      1. Lol somebody asked me that a while back. I picked it up in my family. It’s a throwback to the N64 when multiplayer games would designate playes with P1 to P4. I use it to designate when I’m one of the first 4 commentors.

  1. oh good i thought they said its gonna come this fall wow that was a close one im still hyper on waiting for it next year im sure it will be 100% accurate.

  2. Well, it wasnt going to be this summer…
    winter would be a marketing disaster because NX will release early 2017.

    So Fall… obvy. :P

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          1. I’ll also be there in the ranks! To keep all of your expectations in check, that is. Someone in this Nintendite army needs to have a bit of a pessimistic outlook as the Nintendo rogue in all of this just in case NX isn’t what we all want.

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  3. Better late than never.
    Although, I really wish they never took so long for stuff like this.

  4. Even I can be wrong and it looks like I was. But then again, I did say “they might say something about it”. OH HEEEEY, they just did. So fall eh? Good, I’ll be waiting. So I’m thinking either september or october…

  5. To anyone searching for this story recently, the above report is a mistranslation. The sourced interview shows NoC CEO Pierre-Paul Trepanier saying “On se reparlera de la NX d’ici la fin de l’année.” This translates to “We will say something new about the NX by the end of the year.” Fall makes up the majority of the remaining year, but that Winter end of December is still a possible reveal time.

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