Microsoft Tried To Partner Up With Nintendo And Sony Before Xbox Was Made

IGN is reporting that Microsoft wanted to team up with Nintendo or Sony before they went ahead and created the original Xbox console. However, it’s clear that both companies decided to decline the offer and make their fortunes by themselves. Microsoft offered to handle the software and networking while Nintendo would be in charge of hardware.

“When we first started thinking about doing Xbox we met with Nintendo and we sat down with Iwata and others and we said, ‘This is what we want to do. Could we partner? Could we work together on this?’ And basically they said no.”

“Then Bill [Gates] met with Sony,” Fries added. “Same deal. ‘Can we work together? Can we partner?’ And they said no.”

– Xbox co-creator Ed Fries



  1. P2.

    “Microsoft offered to handle the software and networking while Nintendo would be in charge of hardware.”

    Other way around and maybe you have something there. Also this is strangely similar to how Playstation was born.

    1. By software and networking, I think they meant OS and networking which would have been alright. Hardware wise, the GameCube was on par with the original Xbox in a lot of ways but it sold for $100 for most of it’s lifespan so I think Nintendo would have been fine.

      1. Naah, it would have been a historical event and both companies would have found a way to make both ideas coexist. I bet it would have been named something epic, like SystemSlayer9000 or infinity box or something. I’ve always kind of thought it would happen at some point, I guess anything is possible!


        1. ||You are unbearably naive, with the Microsoft Realm, there is no co-existence and has been proven over and over again throughout history…||

          ||It’s either their way or no way…||

  2. ||Good thing we avoided total annihilation, the Microsoft Realm destroys everything they touch…||

      1. Rare was pretty much dead by the time MS bought them. Which is the reason Ninty (who had first dibs to buy them) passed on Rare.

        1. Yep. I’m honestly not surprised though at how a lot of other people think that Rare was ruined by Microsoft, since it was around that time that their quality started to partially decline. If I recall correctly, a ton of workers at Rare left before and after Perfect Dark was released on the N64, and the only teams that were left were basically the Banjo team and a few other less major teams, like the one that made Starfox Adventures (a game that most likely was hurt by Miyamoto’s sudden decision to turn it into a “Starfox game”). Rare pretty much completely died (in the sense of the original Rareware) soon after Nuts ‘N’ Bolts released (including the departure of the original founders).

  3. I like how Nintendo stands official as shit. Declined both Microsoft and Sony to have them produce their own consoles and compete against one another. I feel like Nintendo knows who they appeal to and don’t try to “mud the waters” by being “overly competitive”. Instead they appeal to the base they know best, and expand upon it to bring it to the masses without being to pushy using iconic characters people have loved over the years.
    Stay classy, Nintendo. Looking for that NX update!

    1. ||A new species? Should be interesting if some unknown one rises without our knowledge…||

        1. ||That won’t happen unless an alive one resurrects them, and even then they will be nothing but cattle for them…||

          1. ||They all belong to the same current thriving species, although I wouldn’t classify the Segans as thriving…||

        2. You know, HumbleBundle has a NeoGeo bundle. Its pretty cool, you can get about 20 games for $10 which is a hell of a deal, and no DRM.

          Oh man did they made such beautiful sprites.

          1. Oh yeah I know, I got that bundle a few months ago, it’s really awesome. The Last Blade 2 remaster is a cross buy on PS4 and PS Vita, it just came out a few weeks ago, it is pretty awesome as well!

    2. Apple seems like the best possibility, but that doesn’t seem likely any time soon. Besides them, maybe Samsung. It would have to be someone that’s not currently directly involved in the industry.

      1. Some time ago when i was messing around with settings on my Gamepad this info showed up.

        Your user-agent string is: Mozilla/5.0 (Nintendo WiiU) AppleWebKit/536.30 (KHTML, like Gecko) NX/ NintendoBrowser/

        Coincidence of ironically funny ? either way maybe NX isn’t specifically hardware but a joint program or stream service ;)

        1. Yeah Google could probably pull it off. I don’t see us getting a fourth home console though. If someone else enters the market they’ll either need one of the big 3 to drop out first or they’ll have to push one of the big 3 out.

          1. If it does happen, my money is on Microsoft to drop out. I’m no expert, but I think their games division is doing poorly. Nintendo obviously isn’t doing so hot either, but it was revealed back in 2012 that they had something like $10 billion in the bank. They could operate at a loss for some time before they have to close their doors.

    3. If u want best of the best u should try PC gaming and keep Nintendo for the exclusiveness.

      A few weeks ago i build another Budget system for around 500 euro and the graphics and frames overshadow XB1 and PS4.

      While after the build and installations of Drivers and Programs and Updates i haven’t touched a Mouse and Keyboard since.

      Just turn the Power on and Steam Big picture starts up and that’s it just pick up the Controller and time to play ;)

        1. That depends on how you want to play your games. If you want the highest frame rates while keeping high settings, you’ll need to upgrade in like 2-3 years. If you just want to play games and don’t mind lowering settings, it can last a long time. Like 4+ years.

  4. I’m a Nintendo fan since 1985 cause the NES with Duckhunt and PS fan since 1997 cause Alundra and XB fan since 2004 because off Fable.

    But Thanks to the Gaming Gods that Nintendo never joined up with Sony or Microsoft and i pray sincerely that all three stay separate!

    It might be weird for many that im happy with the current Nintendo situation and displeased with the PS and XB situation.

    Besides several reasons i have also a very strong feeling to stay away from everything except Nintendo and PC and why ? we will find out soon enough this year.

    1. “But Thanks to the Gaming Gods that Nintendo never joined up with Sony or Microsoft”

      They were already in a partnership with Sony before the PlayStation. It’s because their partnership fell apart that the PlayStation was born. I still have SNES games that say “Sony” on them.

  5. Just because a company could’ve partnered with Microsoft doesn’t mean a guarantee success.

    Look at the partnership between Sega and Microsoft with the Dreamcast… Yeah.

    1. Are we really blaming MS for the failure that was the dreamcast? I do believe that it was a combo of a few things, but i dont really think MS is to blame for that mess. ( awesome console and games, horrible management from sega if you ask me.)

  6. He’s putting it like M$ for searching for help from Nintendo or Sony to collaborate in a project, when in fact M$ wanted to DOMINATE the other company and tell them what to do. They even tried to buy 50% of Nintendo’s stock to get control over Nintendo!

  7. Not quite how it happened. Microsoft wanted to buy control of Nintendo but they couldn’t. Not a partnership like this guy claims. They wanted control and market dominance

  8. That’s where Microsoft fucked up. They tried to pull a Sony & wanted control over the games where Nintendo’s true power comes from. If they had wanted to help with the hardware & networking and thus share in everything, then Nintendo might have said yes. Never ask to partner with Nintendo with the purpose of taking control of their games. Nintendo learned the hard way to not trust outsiders with their IPs and let them control most of what happens when they let Phillips make a few Zelda games for the CD-i.

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