Nintendo Expects To Have Effective Transition From Wii U To NX

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime recently took part in an interview with the Alternative Press and touched briefly on the subject of the Nintendo NX. Reggie says that the firm hopes to have an effective transition from the Wii U to the Nintendo NX and also have a strong 2016 holiday performance.

Regarding the Wii U, we have been able to put out a number of highly scoring games, games that consumers want to play, that you can’t play anywhere else. So from that standpoint the system absolutely has been a success, but when you come off from selling the Wii and selling over 100 million systems it’s really tough to lap that performance. What we’re focused on is making sure we have an effective transition from the Wii U, we’re going to have a strong holiday performance, we’ve got games coming for the system and then next year we’ll look forward to the NX.



      1. That myth was already busted when Nintendo said that will make a ” big shift ” to the NX come next year and cease production on the Wii U by 2018. Reggie only now confirmed it even more

  1. P3. So the title of the article says Nintendo “expects” to have an effective transition, the body of the article says Nintendo “hopes” to have an effective transition, and the actual quote from Reggie says Nintendo is “focused” on having an effective transition.

    ‘Da hell?

    1. ||Different versions of the story and all are true…||

      1. ||That’s up to High Command, do or do not, there is no hope…||

  2. Strong holiday performance for the 3DS yes. The Wii U is barely getting anything worth mentioning this holiday season. At least at the present

    1. Yes this will be the next gen console that replaces the WiiU but they will likely continue to make the games for both consoles until 2018, at that point im sure they will pour 100% of their efforts to the NX.

  3. It was pretty obvious from the first announcement that the NX would replace the Wii U, It just reeked of the same business phrases thrown around when the DS was first introduced.
    I get why Nintendo did it though, first and foremost they didn’t want to frustrate the Wii U user base by saying “It’s nearly four years old and it’s getting a successor”.
    If the NX failed (which I hope it doesn’t) they could have bounced back to the Wii U, but due to the fact that all of the big third-party developers are skipping Nintendo and have been for a long time it really does hurt a user base after a while.

    If the NX allows a data transfer like the Wii to Wii U did, backwards compatibility to the Wii U games, game sales similar to Steam, be a part of every multiplatform game release (coming soon on PS4, XOne, PC, & NX), a reward system similar to trophies or achievements (to attract people who like to fully complete games), more eSports like games to add a air of competitiveness, special in game tournaments (Smash, Mario Kart, and Splatoon), an Animal Crossing MMO that also has a single player mode (just in case you preferred being on your own), and a whole bunch of year one exclusives that remain only on NX.
    Then the NX will go down in history as the greatest comeback story ever told.

  4. Just wondering if he meant a strong wii u 2016 holidays performance ? Cause unless I got he wrong.the only game to come out is Zelda which we all know will be out in March 2017.

    1. It is possible he meant Nintendo has a good holiday lineup. Wii u and 3ds has games coming this holiday. Normally when Nintendo speak on lineups and sales they talk about the home and handheld consoles.

  5. By games… they mean “Paper Mario”? Hopefully there’s at least another minor title in waiting for the Fall/Winter. Ideally, Nintendo should want at least a few people left playing their current console when the new one comes out.

  6. Just imagine managing your NX collection in the same way 3DS owners manage their library! It’s way better than lugging around blurays, consoles, or portable hds on current consoles, and it’s a game collectors wet dream, because cartridges are built to last unlike dvds, or even blurays! I just hope these NX cartridges allow read and write on them, because day one copies of games would sell a lot better if NX cartridges were able to upgrade the data on the cartridge with patches and dlc allowing day one edition of NX cartridges to bought early on to become complete editions once the devs have fixed everything and finished releasing dlc for said game. This would actually entice gamers to buy and even pre order games more if the physical cartridges were capable of doing this, I know I would pre order more!

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