Pachter Believes Nintendo Did A “Mindblowingly Good Job” at E3 2016 Showcasing Zelda

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter often has some choice words to say about Nintendo but he does offer them praise from time to time. The latest episode of Pachter Factor see’s him congratulate Nintendo for a good showing at this year’s E3 event with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Pachter also was impressed with Nintendo’s fancy E3 booth and said that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will make for a strong Nintendo NX title when the system launches next year.

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  1. ||We’ll also do a mindblowingly job of destroying your mind…||

    1. I have a very good feeling about the NX, I think that will be the essence of a video game console but adapted to this new era of technology.
      Just like TLOZ: Breath of the Wild is the essence of a videogame, exploring, being amazed and everyone will have a difference experience playing it.

      I’m dying to know what the heck is NX!

    1. dude you are so right. how the heck can we trust a dude who is never consistent on what he says! all Patcher does is flip flop between the most popular and most accepted analysis that have already been done before by actual competent people. MNN probably keeps updating us on the crap Patcher keeps saying because it generates a lot of traffic from unpleased fans who feel they have to type out dem feels (like me lol). I suggest not even opening any Patcher news here on MNN in order to stop getting this Patcher nonsense out of all of our feeds

  2. Every time I see how SLOW Link climbs in Breath Of The Wild, I’m hoping that he eventually learns how to climb faster. Because after the fast climbing in Assassin’s Creed etc, it’s going to drive me insane with Link climbing that slow.

    1. Probably. I think they learned that stuff you’ll be doing a lot in Zelda can get tedious so they speed it up after awhile (like it’s slow at first so you can get the basics down and then let you become faster when they figure players should have a good grasp on it now). Like how they gave you the Speed Sail in Wind Waker HD much sooner than in the original, or how you don’t need to repeat the same sections of a dungeon repeatedly like in Phantom Hourglass and fixed that in Spirit Tracks.

      There will probably be ways to increase climbing speed, stamina, weapon proficiency, etc.

  3. What makes Pachter so important to report about anyways? Most of the time he just latches on to the popular opinion, and doesn’t really analyze all that much.

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