Take A Look At EDGE #296 Zelda Cover and Review Scores

A NeoGAF post has shown that the 296th edition of EDGE magazine features a Zelda themed cover. You can take a look below:


The post also lists the review scores and features, which notes that an in depth look at Zelda is included along with an E3 special. Here’s the list of scores and features:

Mirrors Edge: Catalyst – 6
Monster Hunter Generations – 8
Umbrella Corps – 3
Star Ocean – 5
Mighty No 9 – 4
Inside – 9
Furi – 6
Trials of the Blood Dragon – 3

Hype E3 special
In depth look at Zelda
The Cult of PICO-8
An audience with Tim Sweeney
Making of : Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed
Time Extend: Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver



  1. 8/10 for MHG? Rock solid score for a great game.

    Mighty No. 9 getting 4/10? Oh how the Mighty have fallen…

  2. I always felt like magazines were getting ahead of themselves when they devote an entire front cover to a game that still won’t release for a long time. They should at least wait until a month or two before the game releases. Instead, there will be another Zelda BOTW cover when the release date approaches. And maybe another after that when the NX releases.

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