Nintendo Talks About New Direction For Zelda Breath Of The Wild

UK gaming publication EDGE recently had the chance to speak to Eiji Anouma who is the producer for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. During the interview Anouma spoke often about the change of direction that is readily apparent in the open world Zelda title and the need to break previous conventions.

“There’s a form of Japanese theatre called kabuki. A kabuki master would say ‘in order to break the mold, you have to know the mold’. Often, when I speak to Mr Miyamoto about a problem, that’s the feedback he’ll give me: ‘You don’t understand the mold here. That’s why it’s no good.

We got a lot of feedback from the people that played Skyward Sword. There were these pockets of worlds that players were able to dive into, but they really wanted to see what was in between those worlds – all the hidden elements they weren’t able to see. I thought that was really natural for Zelda fans, who like to explore, to uncover little secrets. We realised that we needed to make this free, open-air world.”


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    1. I’ve played most of the top-down Zeldas, but I never really got the praise for it… I don’t dislike it really, so much as I didn’t get the appeal.
      Could you tell me why you like it? :)

      1. It’s hard for me to describe why I like the top down Zeldas so much. I’ll start with the most recent being ALBW. I love this game. One thing i’ve noticed about it is that the top down style seems more managable. Sometimes in 3D zeldas i can feel a little overwhelmed. But in ALBW i can just focus on what’s on the screen atm. Since the td zelda maps are like grids it’s much easier to know where everything is. The only problem i have with ALBW is it felt too short to me.

      2. Combat definitely is vastly different in the top-down Zeldas. In 3D games, you can only look into one direction. You never know what enemies are behind you. Even when you fight an enemy, you usually just lock onto that enemy and circle around it until there is a good moment to strike. It’s quite different in top-down Zeldas, where you always see all of your enemies on the screen and the main focus of combat shifts towards dodging your enemy’s attacks and aiming correctly to even hit your enemy (something that’s completely obsolete with a lock-on feature). I’d say that combat is really the main difference between 3D and top-down perspectives. Exploration works similarly in both kinds of games.

  1. I’m very much ready to learn more about the NX and also how it’s version of BotW will compare to the Wii U’s. I’m already sold on the next Zelda, just need to know where and when I’ll be playing it.

  2. Unless this is a sequel to Skyward Sword and takes place before Hyrule is founded, I don’t see how we’ll get to see the rest of the land that will become Hyrule before it becomes Hyrule. Like I said in a previous article, maybe Ganon came BEFORE Ganondorf and Twinrova named him Ganondorf in honor of their previous master Ganon who Ganondorf is a reincarnation of. *shrug* So close to release yet still so far. D:

    1. I thought Ganon is his name and Dorf is just a form he takes on for human appearance? He was a pig form (Ganon) in all games expect Wind Waker and Ocarina. Ocarina is first and Wind Waker, not a direct squeal, is a squeal for Ganondorf. He is the exact same one from Ocarina and not a reincarnation like in Twilight

      1. You are getting Four Swords Adventures Ganondorf mixed up with Twilight Princess’s Ganondorf. FSA Ganondorf is the reincarnated Ganondorf. TP Ganondorf is the same Ganondorf from Ocarina of Time before Link pulled the Master Sword out of the Pedestal of Time, creating an alternate Ganondorf that didn’t have the same experiences as his Wind Waker counterpart. Remember. Zelda sent Link back in time to BEFORE he got sealed in the Sacred Realm. In Twilight Princess, a flashback shows the Sages trying to execute Ganondorf but it fails because the Triforce of Power saved his life. Which meant only the Master Sword could truly kill him at that point.

  3. Ugh, I always forget FSA’s. It was a good game but, I never consider it a big game even though it is canon. But you’re right though, the alternative paths of if he saves Hyrule, fails, and when Zelda sends Link back around the time that Zelda is about to see Ganondorf through the window. Ugh, where the fuck is my Hyrule book again? Ha.

    But Ganon is first and than he becomes Ganondorf after, yeah?

    1. Yes. The events of Ocarina of Time created three alternate Ganondorfs. Well technically 2 Ganondorfs since one of the timelines has it to where Ganon does away with his human form known as Ganondorf.

      If Breath of the Wild takes place before Ocarina of Time, then yes. Ganon came before Ganondorf since BotW has Ganon being mentioned in the playable demo at E3 2016 and Ganondorf didn’t exist til Ocarina of Time. But this is all just a theory right now til Nintendo gives us more information about the game.

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