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Norway Oil Fund Earns 1.35 Billion From Pokemon GO

Norwegian news site The Nordic Page is reporting that the Government Pension Fund Global, which is known as the Norway Oil Fund, has earned 1.35 billion Norwegian Krone from the success of Pokemon GO. The company invested in Nintendo shares back in 1998. They’re not the only Norwegian company to benefit from Pokemon GO as the State owned bank, DNB’s technology fund, bought Nintendo shares back in late June and three weeks later the fund earned NOK 120 million from the investment.



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      And while at it take a look at recent lottery numbers and exchange market.

    2. I already left my friends and family in the late 90’s. I’ve been trying to get back for almost a year now. I figured 2015 would have had time travel figured out by now and I’d have no problem, boy was I wrong…

  1. Forget time travel I just want to teleport, then I can steal all the money and not have to mess with time! Time Wraiths will get you!

        1. Trump has been a decoy from the very beginning to ensure Clinton makes it into office. Although it would be quite interesting if someone was to alter this time line to have Trump win…

  2. Why the f does the Norwegian Oil Fund own shares in a game company? Not that I’m complaining, this is awesome

    1. The Norwegian Oil Fund is to seek growth. They seek all “safe” ways to expand, and Nintendo stocks is one way to have somewhat “safe” income. Told simple: Norway puts the money from oil into things that will expand it’s value, just staying clear from child labour and that kind of stuff. Funds, compared to stocks, is not always necessarily that directly connected to a “sentient buyer”. NOF have probably just spend some oily cash on someone recommendations in the gameing business, and some of those money ended up at Nintendo, which had a far stronger position in 1998 than now, especially hear in Norway.

  3. So did they sale their stock shares for that amount? If not, why are they celebrating? They do know stocks go up and down all the time, right?

    1. Funds aren’t always that influenced like stocks. Of course when this kind of movement happens it it’s noticeable even for funds, but it’s more fun than anything else in this case. We’re joking here in Norway now, saying that Pokémon are covering our pension xD

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