Aonuma Explains Why Zelda Breath Of The Wild Was Delayed

It’s no assumption to say that the majority of us were looking forward to playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Wii U this year. However, as with most Zelda titles development was pushed back. The Legend of Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has explained that one of the reasons behind the delay was due to the fact that the developers managed to break the game, so it was down to Aonuma to put things back on track.

We have these milestones during development. I play the game, then give staff my comments, my advice on what direction they should be heading in. At one of the milestones, the game was fantastic. There were so many great elements. But at the next milestone, that was all gone.

I’d made a lot of comments about what they needed to add, but I never told them what I thought was good about the game at that milestone. So they added stuff that I’d recommended, but they also added some other elements they thought would work well – and that ended up breaking all the good parts of the previous build. I learned that, when it’s good, I have to say so. If I’d managed that we’ll, maybe development wouldn’t have extended quite so much.


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  1. Let me translate this for you guys:

    We knew the WII-U was the biggest failure in the history of Nintendo, so we had to stall time for the NX to release.

    Than again after the Super Nintendo every console they released was a step down for the real core gamers, with the WII beeing the final blow for me personally let alone the WII-U wich I don’t even own.

    Back in the days you had ALL third party games with Street Fighter, Megaman and Castle Vania beeing some of the high’s and some of the best Nintendo IP’s:

    Kirby, F-zero, Donkey Kong country, Star Fox, Metroid to name a few that have been completely ruined after that. The metroid prime series was great but thats already 9 years ago, and Star fox 64 was amazing but they never managed to update the series to the current time we live in.

    Playstation pretty much does what the Super Nintendo and the Nintendo 8 bit did they just lack the great Nintendo titles that we used to have back in the days.

    The new Zelda game will be amazing though welcome in the future Nintendo you finally updated one of your great franchises but where are all the others?

    1. By your answer it is ovious you dont have a wiiu. Splatoon is a new ip that blasts. Mk8 is yet the best MK. Mario Maker is by far the closedt thing to that 8-16 era that you love so much… Yeah, wiiu lacks a metroid prime and a mario galaxy… But blaming wii u for a zelda delay… come on… that is basically what happens with every zelda. But that is ok, because every major zelda game is worth the wait…but of course, without a wiiu why should you complain about it… buhhhhh

      1. I don’t blame the WII U zelda is my lifetime favourite game! I think its great that they release it on a console that might actually not be 5 years behind in specs, cause people are accepting mediocre.

        Nintendo games deserve to be the best they can be and that includes good specs, i’m not saying the best specs cause thats only for a certain amount of time, but atleast they should be able to compete with the best out there.

        I don’t have a WII U but i’m well aware of its games Splatoon is nice indeed, I rather play call of duty but thats personal prefference I can acknowledge its a great game though. Mario maker doesn’t do it for me, yes I love the 8 and 16 bit era but I want those games updated to the current age. Mario Galaxy and Mario 3d World are great aswell but thats just Mario games. I don’t want cheap 2D knock offs like the Kirby,Mario bros, Yoshi, donkey kong and so on, wich they release these days.

        Take a look at yooka lele from Rare for example now thats a real Nintendo game and the kind of quality they used to make.

        And what happend to F-Zero, Star Fox, Pilot Wings, Donkey Kong Country, Wave Race, Kirby, Fire Emblem, Metroid, Blast Corps, Kid Icarus, Diddy Kong Racing, a great shooter like Bond and Perfect dark 64, Jet force Gemini, Mother, Wario? And how about a new IP? And how about a real console pokemon or pokemon MMO that every pokemon fan has been dying for the past 20 years, pokemon go’s succes shows that there not using the franchise full potential at all. There so much untapped potential here.

        1. LOL, you have no clue. All those so called cheap knock offs is the reason why nintendo is still relevent to a degree. Learn from where yooka lay lee is from and them come back…otherwise, go home.

        2. Sadly, some of those awesome games you mentioned belonged to Rare so when Nintendo let Microsoft buy them, Nintendo lost all of those good IPs like Blast Corps & Perfect Dark.

        3. To be honest, the Wii U is probably the best console of this generation. At least it’s an actual game console instead of an over glorified home entertainment system that tries to be a PC.

          But no, people like you don’t realize this and would rather spend 800 dollars on a PS4 and an Xbox One that has games you could either buy on a PC or exclusives that don’t really say next gen.

  2. ||Yes very fascinating, now release it on schedule…||

  3. Let’s just be glad it wasn’t miyamoto overlooking the game, because botw would be a platformer and not the amazing game revealed at e3. Seriously, we all know the real reason why it got delayed.

    1. Miyamoto would make absolute certain that there’s 0 story in BotW if he was overseeing it. The game would just be filled with this gameplay mechanic and that. And while this game does have a lot of new gameplay mechanics, they’re all really good and look like a lot of fun (SHIELD SURFING!!!). And while this game seems to not be taking the story-heavy approach (unlike Skyward Sword, which is my favorite Zelda game), at least it has a story (and it’s got Ganon, baby!)

  4. I saw this article the other day and thought about sending it in. *shrug* If this is one of the reasons it got delayed in 2015, I’m glad Aonuma was being honest and taking the blame for it. A Nintendo fanboy would have damage controlled this if Aonuma himself hadn’t have came out and said this.

    Anyway, more respect for Aonuma from me!

    1. If this is true, though, it could mean Breath of the Wild could have hit Wii U back in 2015 with it getting an NX remaster or rerelease in 2017. It could have actually been, for once, the one game that saved the Wii U. Now we’ll never know since it’s far too late at this point since NX is like right there.

  5. Nintendo just sucks at predicting when their work will be done.

    Not that it’s a bad thing to release FINISHED PRODUCTS, but I wish they would keep quiet about things instead of announcing them 4 years early.

    1. Agreed. Nintendo can’t project-manage shit to save their life, but I guess when you are as invincible as they seem to be, you can have a work ethic that would get most of us fired from our current jobs.

      All they have to do is swing a home run every couple years, and nobody can touch them. I mean… I guess as long as that’s working for them…

      1. You are referring to Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Pokemon GO, right? Yep. Just release a great Zelda game and a successful Pokemon game and everyone apparently forgets all about the other bullshit Nintendo pulled that gen.

        1. I call it FedshitForce now. LMAOSHMSFO said that name reminded him of The Human Centipede movie. Which fits because both should have never left the fucking paper they were written on!

  6. If it’s still in a stage where things can be changed to point they screwed it up then maybe they shouldn’t announce a release date/timeframe. This game basically was their E3 and now they’re saying it’s not even coming this year. In other words they care more about releasing it with the NX than they do about releasing it for the Wii U.

    1. “…now they’re saying it’s not even coming this year.”

      We knew before E3 that we wouldn’t be getting the game this year. Nintendo revealed back in April that it wasn’t coming out until 2017. This isn’t news.

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