Video: Here’s A Better Look At The NES Mini From IGN

Online gaming publication IGN recently had the opportunity to check out the NES Mini which goes on sale this November. The site managed to get hands-on with the actual console and controller and it is as small as you would imagine. The only worrying thing is the length of the controller cable which seems a tad short. Be sure to check out their first glance impressions in the video, below.


  1. This should have been made so that real NES controllers could plug in. I have a Famicom AV console, and the cords on those are SO short. So I use my “twice as long” NES controllers on it. This should have also been made to play real NES cartridges as well. It would be cool playing them all with an HDMI output. Though, I can’t record game footage with an HDMI cable.

    1. I was underbthe impression that the SNES Mini was next. Then again, I was also under the impreasion that SNES Remix was next up as well.

  2. Definitely going to get an NES Mini. I wasn’t sure what to think about getting one, until I remembered that our old NES console no longer works anymore (like the Sega Saturn that stopped working recently).

    I am definitely hyped for more classic Nintendo gameplay, though certain “missing” games are my only gripe for it (Where’s Castlevania 3?).

  3. Cool that it runs off USB too.. seems pretty handy. I kinda wanna see a teardown now

    1. Oh, it’ll get tore down… mock my words.. it WILL get tore down.
      And in the process, i hope someone finds a way to put more games on it, cause the lineup is.. eh..
      And i would like to play other games on it.

  4. I am looking forward to purchasing this. I am also hoping that modding it will be easy. I want to play more than just those thirty games! Haha.

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