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Digital Foundry Compares Monster Hunter Generations On Nintendo 3DS And New Nintendo 3DS

Informative tech analysis site Digital Foundry has gone hands-on with Monster Hunter Generations on the Nintendo 3DS and the New Nintendo 3DS to see whether there’s any noticeable difference.

Sadly it seems as though there’s little to differentiate the two with things such as texture and frame rate being the same for both platforms. The only advantage of the New Nintendo 3DS version of Monster Hunter Generations is the slightly faster loading times.

4 thoughts on “Digital Foundry Compares Monster Hunter Generations On Nintendo 3DS And New Nintendo 3DS”

  1. Lance Matthew Bulmer

    Just shows that an overclocked cpu only let xenoblde be playable we really need nore game on the system only for the Super 3ds sorry but new 3ds does sound a little silly

  2. I feel there is an undue negative vibe around this here. I’d like to provide another perspective.

    [ FORTUNATELY, unlike the poorly optimized Hyrule Warriors Legends, Monster Hunter Generations runs smoothly on ALL iterations of the #DS family, presenting all players with a favorable gameplay experience, whether playing on 2DS, 3DS or N3DS. For those playing on the N3DS however, you gain the additional benefit of faster loading times and the inherant stabilized 3d effect for those who like to use it. Additionally, the built in Analog Nub and ZL/ZR triggers (also available on standard 3DS with the analog cradle, but not 2DS), allows camera control and push-button access to two of your Hunter Arts to be accessed off of the touch screen, allowing greater cutom layout options to players, making the N3DS (or 3DS with the Cradle) the Optimum way to play MHGen.]

    Side Note: In MH4U, you could only post Monster Hunter Screenshots with your Miiverse posts on =NEW=3DS, but not standard 3DS or 2DS. I can’t seem to find any info about if that is still the case in MHGen or not.

    Regardless, if you are not the kind of person who needs to plug their games into machines to tell them the framerate is stuttering in ways their human eyes probably would never notice while actually playing the game (rather than walking forward slowly while LOOKING for flaws), Faster loading times at Every loading screen in the game (including boot up), and greater control options are ABSOLUTELY reason enough to play on N3DS, especially since Monster Hunter is the kind of game you can spend HUNDREDS of hours in over the course of months, or even Years. Additionally, I DID notice the variable framerate in both 3U and 4U, and I found it an irritating distraction. Locked 30 is Much Better.

    Also, without anything to compare it to, can anyone say we are not already getting the (relatively) ‘higher quality’ textutes, equivalent to 4U on N3DS, universally this time?

    If you can afford it, get the N3DS. Even if only in subtle ways, it really is better all around. If playing any Monster Hunter game on standard 3DS, I HIGHLY recommend the analog cradle. I know … I know … it feels absolutely bizarre at first … but once you get used to it, you’ll never want to play without it.

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