Darksiders: Warmastered Edition Coming To The Wii U

Nordic Games has announced a new Darksiders title for the Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, and PC named Darksiders: Warmastered Edition. The action role-playing series began on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2010, and was followed up by a sequel, Darksiders II in 2012.

Here’s the information about the title released by the developers:

“Deceived by the forces of evil into prematurely bringing about the end of the world, War – the first Horseman of the Apocalypse – stands accused of breaking the sacred law by inciting a war between Heaven and Hell. In the slaughter that ensued, the demonic forces defeated the heavenly hosts and laid claim to the Earth.

Brought before the sacred Charred Council, War is indicted for his crimes and stripped of his powers. Dishonored and facing his own death, War is given the opportunity to return to Earth to search for the truth and punish those responsible.
Hunted by a vengeful group of Angels, War must take on the forces of Hell, forge uneasy alliances with the very demons he hunts, and journey across the ravaged remains of the Earth on his quest for vengeance and vindication.

  • Apocalyptic Power – Unleash the wrath of War, combining brutal attacks and – —supernatural abilities to decimate all who stand in your war.
  • Extreme Arsenal – Wield a devastating arsenal of angelic, demonic and Earthly Weapons; and blaze a trail of destruction atop Ruin, War’s fiery phantom steed
  • Epic Quest – Battle across the wastelands and demon-infested dungeons of the decimated Earth in your quest for vengeance and redemption
  • Character Progression – Uncover powerful ancient relics, upgrade your weapons, unlock new abilities, and customize your gameplay style
  • Battle Heaven and Hell – Battle against all who stand in your way – from war-weary angelic forces to Hell’s hideous demon hordes
  • Warmastered Edition Features:
  • PS4, Xbox One and Wii U versions of Darksiders (Wrath of War)
  • Native 1080p rendering resolution
  • Doubled all the texture resolutionsRendering improvements and rework
  • Better shadow rendering quality
  • Post processing effects
  • 60 FPS in moment to moment gameplay (PS4, Xbox One, PC, 30 for WiiU)”

There’s no release date for Darksiders: Warmastered just yet, but we will keep you posted with any updates.



      1. You only notice framerate when switching between games that are faster or slower than another, or when it is variable within the same game. If it is locked and solid, any sane person stops noticing and caring and just sees “The Game” after gameplay actually starts.

        Stable 30 is perfectly acceptable for ANY game, IMHO.

        1. I agree that 30 fps is fine. It never bothers me and some of my favorite games in the world run at 30 fps. Thats being said, 60 fps is a noticeable improvement, and makes the game run and look much better. I will be going with PS4 version for that reason.

  1. Yep. Getting this for PS4 if the NX doesn’t get it. Must remember to carry Darksiders II with me to GameStop when I go to get an Arceus code for Pokemon to sell there.

      1. Well it’s either 2 bucks or no money at all as I toss it in the garbage. Or I can just build up money on my Gamestop in-store credit by trading it in for credit for the day they ever give a preorder bonus that I can’t pass up. That way, I’ll get more than 2 bucks. It won’t be a huge boost but, like I said, better than no money at all.

        1. I’d rather keep it or give it away.
          But still choice between gamestop and trashcan is not that tough of a choice.

          But if I was to sell it, I’d use online marketplace.

          1. I know I could get more by selling it on eBay or Amazon but I’m not much of a haggler. That & I’ve had to deal with trying to sell virtual stuff on a virtual marketplace & always getting undercut by some asshole trying to sell theirs for cheaper. So I’d rather not deal with that stress and just sell it at Gamestop, getting it over & done with.

            1. If you’ve seen some of my arguments with people on here, you’ll notice I get pretty annoyed and stressed out rather quickly. Having a temper that can get short at any moment sometimes is a pain in the ass.

            2. Well, I don’t know how the marketplace is on your neck of the woods.
              But shelf space isn’t costing anything, and I’ve never taken pressure when selling stuff online.
              It’s not like the item will decrease in value over time.
              Usually get at least 7€ even from the mediocre games.
              For example, the one time I went in to gamestop, they offered 3€ from 5 games I had, most notable was fallout 3.
              Looked at other options and easily walked away with over 20€.

    1. I’m one of the few people who actually enjoyed Darksiders 2. It was a seriously flawed game though, the weapon and armor system was ridiculous, and armor and weapons dropped WAYYYYYY to frequently. You would equip some armor, and five seconds later an enemy would drop slightly better armor. Rinse and repeat for the entire game. It was so fustrating, like WTF were they thinking? You should equip a weapon and some armor and be able to keep it for a duration of time before upgrading, not after fighting two or three But that aside, the voice acting was good and so were the dungeon designs… I dont think I could ever replay the game again, but I had a fun first run with it… You should keep the game IMO. Save all your games in bulk, that way five or ten years from now if you want to sell all of your games at once you can get alot more money for them. Someone is more willing to buy 50 games for $200 than 1 game for $5, especially a collector browsing ebay.

  2. Haha, that’s amazing! I personally proposed the name “Warfinitive Edition” and was somewhat disappointed that they were apparently going with just “Definitive Edition” instead, but “Warmastered Edition” sounds great, too!

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