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Pachter Believes The Nintendo NX Needs Full Third-Party Support To Be Popular

Outspoken video game analyst Michael Pachter says that the Nintendo NX will be a success if third-party developers jump onboard and provide big hitters such as FIFA and Grand Theft Auto. However, we found out today that only a handful of third party developers seem to be onboard and EA wasn’t mentioned. We shall have to wait until the reveal which is supposed to happen next month to find out who is actually developing for the platform.

“I think Nintendo could pull it off, and I think that the innovation here is we know that the DS was supremely profitable and sold gajillions of units. We know that the 3DS is less profitable and selling fewer units, but still millions per year. I think the forecast is now five million for this year, and that’s down from 25 – 30 million that DS did at its peak and down from the 13 million that the 3DS did.

“But this thing isn’t only a handheld theoretically, assuming that these rumours are true. This is a handheld that can be docked and you can play the games on your television. That makes it more of a hybrid, a better way to look at it is an inexpensive console as opposed to a glorified handheld. ”

“I think that is somewhat appealing. I think if you can play Nintendo first-party IP, and if Nintendo get their releases out on time enough to support this thing, yes, I think it could be successful. Now how do we measure successful?

“Nintendo is a public company, so I think that the right way to look at it is ‘are they making a profit for their shareholders?’ One thing I do like about the company is they don’t sell anything at a loss, so they will price NX such that they can make a profit on each hardware unit.

“If they can sell five million or more units per year, they are going to be profitable on the software as well. They’ll sell plenty of Nintendo first-party, they will probably attract enough third-parties that the NX can be a modest success. The real question is, will the device be powerful enough to support third-party games?

“And by third-party games, I mean can Electronic Arts take FIFA and port over the Xbox One version to NX. If the answer is no and they have to build a ground-up game, they’re probably not going to do it. And that’s what we saw with Wii U.

“If they can, then I think the NX can be very successful because there are a lot of Nintendo fans out there that want to play FIFA, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, but those aren’t available on Wii U. That really made people buy the Wii U only to play Nintendo first-party.

“If the NX has first-party and third-party, I think it can be successful. If there’s first-party only, I do not think it has a chance at succeeding. So, we’ll see.”

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36 thoughts on “Pachter Believes The Nintendo NX Needs Full Third-Party Support To Be Popular”

  1. I’d have to agree. If what the rumors are saying are true then what they’re aiming for will only be successful with true third-party support.

  2. “But this thing isn’t only a handheld theoretically, assuming that these rumours are true. This is a handheld that can be docked and you can play the games on your television. That makes it more of a hybrid, a better way to look at it is an inexpensive console as opposed to a glorified handheld. ”

    What kind of twisted way of thinking is this? He acknowledges it’s a handheld, yet he decides to judge it as an inexpensive console just so he can build his argument.

  3. That goes without saying. Of course it needs 3rd party to succeed. Unless we have another wii situation. Which is probably what nintendo is hoping for.

    1. Most of these quotes now comes from questions asked on the Pachter Factor. For some reason it is not mention that he was ask the question and actually state the question asked.

  4. Depends… if it’s a hybrid console, Nintendo can create all it’s games for only one console, which means more games can be developed for it. Normally some teams would work on handheld games and some would work on console games. Now all those teams can work on NX games, which means the first-party game-output could theoretically double. I also think that the fusion of the handheld and console hardware devisions will make it easier for Nintendo to make better tools which increase efficiency in their game-development process. Miyamoto even stated that parts of the graphical framework of Zelda BotW are reused for other games they’re creating.

    I’m not saying Nintendo should not attract third-parties. I just think they might be in a better position to support the NX themselves.

    1. I’d bet that’s the central idea behind the NX too. They’re planning to carry this console by themselves if they have to. The good thing about that is that the concentration of software in a single device will bring more sales to the table, which in turn will attract more third-party support. On the table, it’s a very good idea.

      1. But they’ll need a Pokémon Red/Blue (made the GameBoy a success), Brain Training, Nintendogs ( those basically made the DS lite a success) or Wii Sports kind of situation and I hope BofW will bring that, but I’m not sure… maybe BotW isn’t even the big launch title…?

        1. I don’t think they’ve confirmed BotW as a launch title. It’s coming, but I’m not sure when. In any case, BotW, Mario games and Pokémon alone are a major driving force and, if these rumors are anything to go by, we might see those in the first 6 months.

          1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

            ||Both the Wii U and NX versions of BOTW will be released at the same time…||

                  1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

                    ||Once we have the confirmed date for the Wii U version, it’s statistically 90% accurate that the NX version will be released at that time and further more it would confirmed the release date for the NX to be either the same date or a date prior unless it’s all in 1 March…||

          2. Yeah, I’ve heard the rumors too… But yeah, I guess BotW will in fact be a launch title, but Nintendo is taking caution with communication this already. It would be a harder kick in the balls to delay it again for a fourth time. Super Mario Galaxyish NX game? yes please! XD Gale of Darknessish NX game? yes please! Really cool free-to-play Nintendoland-like Amiibo-unlocks-new-games-and-game-modes kinda game? YES PLEASE! :D

  5. X86 HAS nothing to do with it STOP KINDLY WITH YOUR IGNORENCE

    x86 who the fuck cares arm are in a far better position than x86 for gaming hardware and nvidia if true is in nx have the denver core

  6. There is third party support, which the 3DS got plenty of, and then there is cross platform third party support which Nintendo has missed out on for a long time. The latter is less relevant if the former can deliver, especially today when mane gamers are willing to own multiple devices (and PC is best for multiplats anyway).

    That said, the best way to get third parties on board is to be successful, and that requires a strong launch line-up and strong support from Nintendo and their partners for at least the first 12 months.

  7. theres a flip side to this coin THIRD PARTYS BETTER BE UPTO TYHE JOB OF SUPPORTING NX



    i want mouse point or gyro aim battlefield not clunky ass 90s stick battlefield


    its a console its a portable system handheld suggests handheld that docks

    hybrid suggests gamers sytem that does everything the term handheld i camn see becoming the new HATE WORD that will get a twisted meaning attached to it

    like casual did like motion did like gimmick did

    i will bet cash money the nx success will be met with a hate campain based around the word HANDHELD I GARANTEE IT

      1. Lol!!!!!! I’m saving this gif for life. Made my day that much sweeter.

        Who doesn’t know that third party is needed for Nintendo to have good success? Wtf does this guy get paid for again? Thanks captain hindsight

    1. Bro, Google captain hindsight and watch him from South park through YouTube. That’s patcher – telling people shit to things that is clearly fucking obviously obvious.

  9. More stuff that is obvious common fucking sense to anyone that isn’t a 100% blind sheep for Nintendo. Thanks for playing, Pachter!

  10. Dude is a joke. That said, there will never be 3rd party support the likes of which he’s talking. Nintendo doesn’t care either. It’s the whole reason why they consolidated development teams. They’re should no longer be any droughts that they needed 3rd party’s help to fill. Nintendo decided long ago to tighten the purse strings when it came to hardware. Despite having as big a market cap as Sony, with more cash on hand (billions) and less input costs, they’ve convinced us “consumers” and especially fanboys, that they can’t compete on that level. It’s actually pretty insulting.

    They also go out of their way to make developing games on their hardware difficult. Why? It doesn’t hurt that they end up knowing the hardware more intimately and therefore make better more high quality games on said hardware. That again, leads fanboys to praise them for how amazing they can make games despite limited hardware. They wouldn’t pay to have DVD, they wouldn’t pay to have Blu Ray. At every turn they give us the least amount they can feasibly give without losing core fans. Looks like that strategy finally failed them with the Wii U. The consumer spoke with their wallet. While I’d really love to find out that they learned their lesson and will finally change their ways for the NX and have a legit new standard in handheld technology. Something that will blow us all away. Using the X2 and all that jazz. The reality is, they are going to come out with something they hope resonates like the Wii did because of its uniqueness and gimmick. It could very well succeed in doing that and drawing in some casuals. But rest assured, they will not be making a machine that is powerful enough or easy enough to port to, that will be able to handle Destiny, Witcher 3, GTA-V. 3rd parties will once again be forced to jump through hoops and they just won’t bother.

    We are now getting the same lip service we got with the Wii U. We’re going to get Just Dance, Lego, Skylanders, and maybe initially we’ll get one or two decent offerings like Rayman Legends but 6 months after launch, besides those things, support will dry up. I’m not at all excited for the NX. What I am excited for is the next dedicated console they’ll release alongside the Xbox Two and PS5. I think in 2018 or 2019 Nintendo will finally give us specs on par with the others and we’ll finally get to see Nintendo IP run on “current” tech. They’ll have no other option. I don’t think the NX will succeed like they hope. Going with gimmicks and cheap hardware will have failed to work so they’ll be left with giving us what they should have with the GC. I don’t care if it’s literally the exact same box with identical features as PS5. I just want to play Mario, Zelda, Metroid, DK, Kirby, Kart with cutting edge console graphics while also enjoying 4K blu ray, HDR, and whatever current media delivery device is commonplace at the time. It’s not rocket science. A console like that would leave critics with nothing to say. It’d have all Nintendo 1st party games and at least the ability to run any game PS5 got. I’m sadly probably not even going to get the NX unless I’m wrong and it is in fact what I just described. Nothing I’ve heard makes me think it is. They’re too cheap and out of touch with what the majority of gamers want.

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