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Take Two Praises Pokémon GO

Take-Two Interactive president Strauss Zelnick was recently interview by Games Industry about a number of things, but the topic soon turned to the ultra-popular Pokémon GO. Zelnick praised the augmented reality application and the power of the Pokémon brand.

“It’s really exciting, and I think it shows what happens when you apply interesting technology and great creativity to beloved intellectual property. The key point here is the Pokemon property is something a whole generation has this incredible affection for. And that’s the real difference. This very technology has been used before in a title that kind of disappeared without a trace. What’s remarkable here is not the technology and not really the gameplay. What was remarkable was tying that to Pokemon. And how can you not be impressed by what they’ve achieved? It’s a wonderful achievement.”



  1. *in before Peridot whines about how I do nothing but twist stuff to hate on Nintendo & before Brandon agrees with him*

    It’s Pokemon. Of course this app was bound to be a huge success. Now if they’ll just hurry up & fix the issues with it. Oh & put back in certain features many people actually liked about it. I just hope they have most of these problems fixed by the time they start adding in later Pokemon gens. I won’t be getting this app because I could care less about mobile games but I honestly do want it to be great for those that will use it! And that’s the bottom line because King Kalas said so! xP

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